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The wait is over, 716s are shipping and I got one...


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OK, I am an early adopter.  My 556 was and is flawless, my SBR 556 is flawless and I'm hoping that my 716 is that way also.  (Don't ask me about my early Kimber Solo...I think I got one made late Friday afternoon.)

I have not shot it yet, I'll go to the indoor range next week for a 25 yard zero and the outdoor range later.  I have, however, cleaned it and taken pictures. 

This is what came with it (the case is just a SIG case so I didn't take a picture of it):


Upper and lower separated:


Fire control group from above:


Looking aft towards the buffer tube (please excuse the dirty towel):


Shots of the bolt and carrier from different angles compared with a Colt (I believe) AR15 bolt and the piston:




I am not an expert on anything, especially AR piston rifles, but it appears at first blush to be well put together and robust.  It was interesting to me that the 716 bolt has what appears to me to be lightening cuts and the "carrier key" is part of the carrier group and not a separate piece.  Since this is my first .308/7.62 AR rifle I can't compare it to any other bolt for that caliber. 

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I went to the indoor range to see if I could get it on paper.  I was using the mag as a monopod.  I am not the world's greatest shot.  This is the first shot at 25 yards.


These are the next 6 rounds.


Fifteen round rapid fire:


Forgot to add, I was shooting Aussie military surplus.

I am very happy with the results!  The rifle feels solid and is more accurate than I am.  As I have said, I've been very lucky with my SIG rifles.  I hope they all are as good as this one.

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Some of you may remember my thread on my 716

thread here.  I went to the outdoor range to shoot it at longer ranges.  I found out two things, my Leupold 1.5x5 scope is not as powerful as my old eyes need and I am not that great of a shot.  These shots were taken at 50 yards seated with a front support.  I had 5 different types of ammo, but it liked the 168 grain the best.  I had Federal Sierra Matchking and PPU Match that were both 168 so I shot that for what I laughingly call accuracy.  I shot 5 rounds each string.

This is the Federal at 50 yards:


PPU at 50 yards:


Federal at 100 yards (I shot two strings each, the second I shot using the hold under to try and hit the center of the target):


PPU at 100 yards (same as the Federal, 2 five round strings, the top most one on the Shoot and See was from the first and higher string):


Please note, I do not claim to be a great shot with a rifle, please take that into consideration.

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