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setting up my basement workshop


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finally organizing my basement, creating a workspace and moving the office downstairs to make the office into something else for more room. so far it's like this

got a nice irwin vice


work bench


and power strip


i have some power tools, a sweet compressor heather got me last year for being a good boy, i think it's a 26 gallon, a decent box, various things things i have collected since i moved out as a kid. been building on this collection for a while, wrenching on my motorcycles and vehicles, but now i want to be way more organized and complete so i can do more including buying all the tools i'll need for rifle builds and more. tools cost a crap load of  money, as much as gun bling that's for sure.

next up after i finish this set up is getting more air tools and upgrading some existing things, my father uses snap on everything, holy crap it's expensive, but really nice, so i'll be saving for those. never thought of the difference until i used a ratchet back to back, my craftsman 12 tooth compared to a 48 tooth snap on. i know that's not really a fair comparison but damn.

this post is long winded, but i've seen some sweet setups you guys have and had man cave envy  :o  <lmao>

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My entire workbench setup cost around $100 to build and is sturdy enough to build stuff on.

Is a $659 workbench really needed?


Or you can buy a single solid core door 82x36 for like $55.00 and build the frame/legs for another $50.00 or so.

Edit: I think the materials to build the three sections for the bench (the glass on the third was salvaged from an old office desk), peg boards, peg board hangers, lights - shelving - basically everything that is not a tool or a chair ran me under $200.00

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I see some prime space for peg board.

I love peg board -  48x24 piece is only like $7.00 at Home Depot. lol

Edit: And with some peg board you could run some of your static plugs (like the overhead light) behind it.

Sorry - I have OCD.  <dontknow>


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Um, ya, that would be a negative on the lady-porn. Sorry boys. Gun-porn, good to go, and I try to be as tolerant as possible, but I have to draw the line somewhere. First, we have a young girl in the house for whom I would like to set a good example, instead of encouraging her to become a hoe-bag like her evil mother (oops, did i say that out loud? my bad). And second, like i tell Greg, he can put up pics of naked chicks as soon as he's okay with me putting up picks of naked dudes around the house. If i have to look at other chick's hoo-ha's every time I do the laundry, he's gonna have to look at some strange guy's schlongs. Fair is fair.

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Ok, I'll pass on the schlongs, no thanks, and reluctantly because i want my daughter to be an intelligent, strong, and well rounded individual, I can deal without the extra ladies. There are plenty of guns, cars, bikes, and sports things I can use to decorate with. Plus I like clean laundry  <thumbsup>

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