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Magpul Listened to me


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I posted on their facebook yesterday asking if they had any plans to release a pistol grip with a palm rest attachment.

Idea spawned based on the other thread on this forum.

Its a clear gap in their pistol grip product line and I think they are missing the boat by not filling in said gap.

We shall see.

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I've learned through experience that manufacturers pay TOO good attention to stuff like that.

I posted a sketch of the original .44 Magnum Sova design back when the idea was first conceived nearly a decade ago and with it described the component grip system. 2 years later I see HK came out with the P-30 handgun which has a watered down version of it. Though I doubt they got the idea from me (probably got theirs from HK), Command Arms interchangeable grip came out with literally all the parts of the original design that HKs gun did not come with, save for the trigger guard. Since my design still puts both to shame, I am actually glad Command Arms came out with theirs and use it on all my rifles. Saves me the trouble.

I also posted a sketch a while ago of a rifle I was designing (which devolved in to a body for the AR platform) on a couple boards. A year or so later, Magpul introduced their Masada which has some very striking, almost too similar to be coincidental similarities to my design. Luckily, it's similarities are more then 90% aesthetic. I had learned by that time not to show any mechanical secrets.

Don't just suggest cool ideas with these guys. Watch your back as well.

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