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new texan here

filthy phil

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i signed up hoping you good folks would help me put together a quality .308 ar.

i've had a couple colt 223's and a springfield pos .308 and that's the extent of my rifles.

i want a 20" bbl fwd assist dust cover upper but can't decide on a lower.

have heard different things about dpms and armalite lowers on sites like m4carbine.net. i really dont wanna dump a bunch of $ into a pos. been there done that with the springfield 91 copy

currently own just 3 g3 glocks: 17, 20, 26.

plan to get a dillon 550 to reload.

any unbiased info will be appreciated

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Welcome fellow Texan!!

I'm sure you will find the info you need here.

What range do you use mostly?

went to spring guns & ammo on spring cypress last. they promptly warned me for rapid fire violation hehe.

need to get back to one of the stinkadena ranges: marksman or pasadena fun center, where i can let er rip.

maybe marksman next wknd as i'll likely get an 870 out of layaway and can try that out there.

hopefully the following wknd i can get a .308 lower and get this project rolling.

a shop off 45s has some for $250. stripped lower. that a deal or no?


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Welcome! The .308 is a great choice. You mainly have to decide if you want a plinker, a combat piece or a long range bell ringer. Plinkers can be built for around $1000. The other two are limitless on their price ceiling.

If you want the Armalite, I suggest the newest model they just released. It accepts the vastly inexpensive Magpul LR20 magazine. Although any Armalite is of quality design. DPMS has a bit more availability for parts, and those parts generally run a little bit cheaper. All the hogwash about DPMS problems can usually be pointed back at the builder. Either route you have the beginnings of a very decent rifle.

As for the stripped receiver you found for $250. I say that's a fair price to get started. If you can stay around $500 for a complete receiver set, you off to a good start.

Check out our FOR SALE page too. Plenty of guys off loading gear here for decent prices.

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