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Hey Ho from Alaska!


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Well, howdy. Just signed up as I'm looking for a good place to get .308 specific info...  AR15.com and M4Carbine only have a small section that's piled together. So... here I am!  <thumbsup>

Got a few 'little' calibers, but I've also had a Bushmaster LR308 in the safe for awhile. Well, it's time to play! So I'm gathering items to work it up into a little better ... um, well, killing machine? Should be more than enough for Caribou up here, and I know guys that take moose with smaller so you never know. And, them pesky zombies are around every corner! (is that fad EVER going to die?)

So far, I have a Rainier Arms UltraMatch 20" barrel coming, APEX 15" handguard, Battlecomp BABC (in stainless!), Timney AR10 trigger, and I cannot decide between the UBR and PRS stocks. Since I have the HeavyBuffer.Com spring and buffer already, I'm kinda leaning to the UBR. But, you never know. Last I want to add a GG&G HD Bipod. I have a super crappy Simmons 4x20 scope on it now that I got free, but I am looking at options. Since I'm breaking the bank on the barrel and other assorted goodies, I may see how I like the Nikon M308BDC. Otherwise I know I'll want a NightForce or something exotic like that! Wish my pocketbook matched my tastes. Thankfully I had the foresight to grab a couple of batches of Pmags before the nutties hit. I resisted the urge to dump some at $100 a pop! Like I said, the nutties hit.

If nothing else, it's gonna look good, hopefully shoot better and just be plain fun to do. Sadly the range I use has a max distance of 300yrds. I'll have to have a buddy fly us out to a remote area and GPS off a 600-800 yard area and see how much fun we can have.

I'm looking forward to posting some questions and getting ideas - it'll be a work in progress and I am ALWAYS looking to learn from those that know. (and then it's on to a hoped for .300blackout AR!)




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