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Food for Thought!


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Great article, and very valid points made. 

There are people all around that can contribute many, many things, in all aspects and skill sets.  They'll never do it on their own, though, unless led to do it.  The Leaders will make that happen.  <thumbsup>

I've got a couple ARs.  They're not all for me.  Most of them are for the people that I know I can trust - but don't have one of their own.  I'll need them (the people that I can trust), but I'll need them armed, too. 

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That is a good read.

As many of you may know, we dc'ed from the television except for dvd's.

I can't believe this type of prepping is what is so popular.  I thought it must be pretty stupid when that guy shot himself or his kid on "accident" on one of those shows.

Reminds me of that Twilight Zone or Outer Limits where the guy goes into his bunker to avoid a nuclear war, turns out there was an accidental detonation and they bulldozed all the rubble onto his shelter and sealed him in.


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People are going to naturally clique up. We always have. I really can't stand watching "doomsday preppers". They are all lone wolves... they are planning to defend themselves against the entire world that all of a sudden just looses their mind. It's unrealistic. Not that people won't loose their minds, but that you can't hold out against such a thing for a length of time. Only one or two people had a network of their neighbors or friends. That's good planning.

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Some great points, I agree 100% buried in a bunker is only viable to a select few most will not have young kids.... also taking to the back country is only a option in certain times of the year unless you have mega caches stored there...knowing all your neighbors is a must have a party meet and greet, learn who they are what they think and choose wisely.....

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