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Bolts are complete


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Hi All!
If you have been following the other posts about the new bolts then you will know I said they are being tested and will be ready for sale very soon.
That day is here and the testing went great with no issues the entire time of testing.  I have 4 bolts ready to sell and 10 more within 10 days.
The bolts are stripped and sell for $155 priority shipping included. PM me if interested.

I will point you towards the completion parts if you like.

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  • 2 weeks later...

    I can definatly say that I like this bolt so much, I will be buying another!!!!

    I can also say  that the DPMS bolt WILL fit the RRA!   but, the dpms bolt is @.005 thou shorter than the RR, so I'm going to have to shorted the Firing pin @.005.  Not a big deal, but it MIGHT, not will, just miht, cause primer punctures if not taken care of.

   Geoff was a little heavy handed polishing off the burs on the locking lugs, but not anywhare close to a problem.

   I really like what he's done to help us all out!



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Hi Terry,

Thank you for the positive feed back!

I would not shorten that firing pin just yet. I've used several as is and have had no issues with "primer puncture" all of the bolts are inspected and that particular dimension is the same as the JP bolts.

"Heavy Handed" is the intention when it comes to polishing the radii on the locking lugs. I've seen on several bolts both AR-15 and LAR-10 where the lugs start to gall up on the barrel extension.  It is one thing to gall the bolt lugs, but to gall the barrel extension, could mean replacing a barrel.

The first bolts I made had smaller radii on them and showed signs of very slight signs of galling or small horizontal lines. These generation two bolts show no signs of side wall wear at all while maintaining the most lug engagement on the market. I just put my 2500th round through my gen 2 bolt this weekend and I can say despite a couple of shinny areas from engaging the lugs, or the bolt carrier the bolt is like new.

Good luck and let me know if you EVER have ANY issues.


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