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DPMS .308 weights/models

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I have the DPMS LR-308T, which according to the maker weighs in at 9.75 lbs. http://bit.ly/16PDZqk DPMS also offers the 'Compact Hunter', which costs $310 more and weighs only 7.75 lbs. http://bit.ly/11PkMjm


I'm the cook of the house, and the way I figure it, the 308T weighs about 2/3 of a frozen frying chicken more than the other .308. While hunting, I'm gonna be thinking about lugging that extra bunch of frozen chicken around the whole time.


Do you know where the extra 2 pounds is on the 308T, and if I could lighten it up without spending $310?



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If yours is the bull bbl I bet it is heavy.  This is a 16" LR308.   I had  an 18" bull and found it to much to lug around elk hunting.  I sold mine to fund this one.

 I looked into having my barrel turned down for about 200.00, but just decided to sell it and buy another.

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Not with that budget.

The barrel and the handguard hold the majority of the weight. The stock is next. Each of those options can cost you $250-$350.

 That barrel has to go for loss of weight. not sure what barrel you have ,but I believe its a target barrel & is going to be most of the weight . As said above , your scope ,if you have one on there , could be a on the heavy side , depending which one you have. 

 If it was me , I would look at stocks, barrels & scopes you would like on there & compare the individual weights , just to see if or where you can shave some weight off.

 You could also check on the JP light weight BCG, but then you would have to add to the budget for tune up components  ( Adj. gas block, buffer /spring, etc. ) 


 You could also sell this rifle & purchase a lighter one , that will give you a new budget , whats the new DPMS II weigh ?

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If you're talking about that pic above ^^^  it's a Millett DMS-1, 1~4x scope, illuminated donut-dot reticle.  They're good scopes, and won't break the bank. 


Which is pretty hefty in its self . Weight wise .



Yeah, I was thinking DPMS GII also. They come in at 7.25 lbs


and it would be hard I think to get to that weight just by swapping parts on a gen. 1 DPMS. Maybe a pistol length barrel or something.

You can shave about a pound going to a light Wt. 16 " Barrel . Isn't there a Thread some where here on building a light weight 308AR ? 

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Which is pretty hefty in its self . Weight wise .



Indeed, it's not Anorexic to say the least.  The lightest 1~4 I've tried yet has to be the Leupold Mark AR, Mod 1.  That one doesn't break the bank, either, and DAMN that glass is nice.  <thumbsup>

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