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Panther Arms DPMS .308

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I am having an issue where the charging handle will get stuck and the bolt will not eject the round manually when the weapon is loaded, if there are no rounds in the chamber the weapon will allow me to pull back the charging handle without a problem.  The weapon will fire but sometimes does not fully eject the round.  Any ideas or has anyone had a similar issue?

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Hi Thunder...new rifle? on a brand new one the cartridge can get hard to eject without firing because of the new tight chamber.....first off I wouldnt use super hornaday on a new rifle...some say the oal is just a bit longer and folks have probs with that round..sooo

you need to get some regular 308 rounds ...then lube her up real good (bcg) and then do the lock back function.....one round in the mag...fire and see if the carrier locks back to the bolt cattch

then get back with us :) Wash

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Definitely lube it real good DPMS recommends that the bolt and carrier be pretty much dripping with oil during the break in process. They make em pretty tight I had to use a punch to drift the take down pins the first few times. Use quality ammo for the first 200 rounds to. I used Privi Partizan 175 gr match for my break in. That was the last time mine shot factory I roll my own now.


What model do you have? Mine is or was an Oracle ( just a few mods) and it a tack driver.


Glad to see another Missourian on here <thumbsup>







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