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Banging steel at 600 yards scope power?


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Militarily, the rule is 1x for every hundred yards.  9x gets you 900 yards.  That has changed alot in the last decade, with some badass scopes available to military snipers.


For 600, the 3-9x40 on mine does just fine, and my eyes aren't perfect. 

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A fixed 10 power with good glass will be better than a 4-16 with eh glass. It depends on what your eyes can deal with. The better the accuracy you want at further distances the more scope you need. Hiting a man size target at 1k isnt hard with low power but if you want a 3"group at 1k you will want more scope. A 3-12 shout get you out to 600 just fine.

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It sounds like I need to see what I can do with my 3x9 at 600 yards before I throw down a bunch of cash for more magnification. With contacts I still see pretty good. Not looking for 3" group at 100 yards.

Brother, I hope you meant one thousand...  If you're not getting a 3" group at 100, don't even shoot at something at 600.  :eek: <laughs>

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:ugone2far: :eek:


Tom was shooting a big 30 wildcat he calls the “300 Hulk”, a shortened 338 Lapua Magnum necked down to 30 caliber, pushing 240gr Sierra MatchKings (0.711 BC) at close to 3000 fps. Tom is using about 85 grains of H1000. He anneals the Lapua brass after every firing, and the brass that set the record was on its 58th firing!


What was that about annealing the brass?...  <dontknow>

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