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Anyone know of a monolithic upper for LR-308?

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Hi all,


Looking for a monolithic upper for LR-308 (something to the tune of VLTOR's VIS receiver).

If anyone knows, please share a link /mfg name.



I don't think anyone is making one. Mega Arms had a great thing going with their MTS-4400 but production ceased when they found out LMT held the patents for monolithic receivers. I don't know how Les Baer and LWRC have continued to build monolithic .308 ARs unscathed, but they are the only ones I know of and they aren't DPMS patterned.

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Mega changed their design on their own. It was supposedly to preempt any action from LMT, but there was never an actual threat issued from LMT towards any other designer. I think their "woe, is me" reaction to LMT getting the patent was more of a marketing ploy to sell their new design and get people to forget about their monolithic design. Look at how fast the monolithic upper flew off the shelves afterwards! Excellent business plan put into action on their part. They get to release a new product, and they have zero inventory from the previous product.


The LMT design, especially with their MWS, had nothing in common with the Mega MA-Ten Monolithic upper.


Mega played the "boo-hoo, we're just a small company getting bullied by the big guys" card, and a lot of people bought into it. The fact that Les Baer and LWRCi still have a very successful rifle system shows that there is no threat from LMT.


I don't mean to crap on Mega Arms (I own two) but they are a FAAAAAAAR cry away from being an LMT.

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Thanks for the welcome. 


Yes, the upper has to be LR-308 specific, and not the AR-10 pattern. As far as I can see everything MEGA produces is for either their own "matched" lower/upper pairs, or it is the AR pattern with that 45 degree "edge" on the rear of the receiver, not the half-hemishpherical like the LR. Their page for 

Had a quick look at Les Baer and LMT and they both make the AR pattern uppers.


As far as MEGA goes their monolithic upper page is down, I don't know maybe there is another site showing their uppers, a downloadable catalogue or something, but can't seem to find anything.

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