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Primary Arms 4-14x FFP vs. PFI evolution 3-12x FFP

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This is one of my first posts. Starting to build my first Ar-15 and looking for an optic for it. I have pretty much narrowed it down to these two.
POU for the rifle:
  • Mainly prairie dog hunting
  • Possibly coyote and other varmint hunting
  • Will probably do some range shooting out to 400 yards or so
Primary Arms 4-14x FFP
PFI Evolution 3-12x FFP
Right now with Midways 45 off of 225 I can get the PFI for 305 shipped a little over 50 dollars more than the Primary Arms scope with shipping. The PFI has a slightly better reticle in my opinion and it is illuminated but cant find much on it. While the Primary arms seems to have good reviews, has a higher max power, and is a bit cheaper.
Anyone have any experience with the PFI or a suggestion on which to pick. I am open to suggestions on another scope but I am leaning toward a FFP since it makes ranging easier. Also pardon my grammar/spelling I was born with many talents grammar and spelling were not any of them.
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These are two different sighting systems since the PA is Miliradian based and the PFI uses their own proprietary caliber-based BDC-like system.  


PFI quality is purported to be very good - not sure about that model in particular, though.  


The PA model you listed for $230 is the same exact scope as Falcon Menace for $350.



 It's also the same exact model as this BSA for $250:




They are all the same scope, made by the same Chinese factory with a different label put on them.


I found the BSA model on dhgate.com for $159 shipped.  I put it on my ,22lr.  I don't know if I'd put it in anything with substantial recoil.  So, if your AR is going to be a bench gun with hefty brake, maybe.  Otherwise, if you need this kind of magnified optic, you might want to check out the PFI.


One thing to note, is that I'm pretty surprised by the clarity and quality of the BSA so far.  It seems a large step apart from the usual Chinese-made suspects.  Eye relief is still not very forgiving though.


I hope that helps,



Edited by D.R.D.
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DRD you are correct in that they are different sighting systems but on the PFI the top and sides of the reticle are in mils so one can still range estimate and then use the bdc accordingly. However I think it may be better/simpler to just make a table for the specific load Im using and just use the simple mildot for holdover. Thats why I was hoping someone had experience with the PFI to see just how well it works with different loads.

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Yes, I see what you are saying.  Again, from what I've heard, PFI is well made.  The others are, well let's say, at the "high end" of Chinese production - which may or may not say much.  So, if this is a target/bench rig (which it sounds like it is) might not be a problem as long as you keep you load recoil at the minimum.  If you're gonna trek around, hunt or get a little rougher, I'd lean towards the PFI.

My $.02

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