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U.S. Optics - Avoid!

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Unfortunately I bring you a terrible experience with a well-known, and supposedly "high tier" company. US Optics didn't just send me one bad scope, but two, and made me wait over five weeks for it too!

When I first bought this SR-8s back in February I noticed that the picture seemed unnatural. At the 1x setting the picture didn't feel like 1x. When I used both eyes open it felt like the image inside the scope was actually less than 1x. When looking through the scope and pivoting the distortion in the lens was very distracting and I couldn't track anything. I also noticed a high degree of curvature in the image at full magnification.

Below is a photo of the scope at 1x. Notice how the lines in the scope don't meet the lines of the roof on the house 50yds away.


Here's another photo of a garage 100yds away. I've again put straight lines along straight-edged features of the house to highlight the curvature in the image at 8x.


So I decided to contact US Optics. Below is a timeline of my experience with them:

-3/13: Contact USO with scope issues (including pics and diagrams).

-3/18: Receive RMA label for scope to ship it in.

-3/21: USO receives my scope.

-4/4: After two weeks of silence I politely ask if they have any information on my RMA as I'm curious what the root cause for my issues were. USO's CS agent replies she'll put me in contact with somebody.

-4/15: After not hearing back from anybody at USO in a week's time I called them this morning and spoke with the same CS agent I emailed previously. She said she'd have another person call or email me today about my RMA. It's now past their office hours and nobody's called or emailed.

-4/16: I FINALLY get a hold of the person working on my scope.Surprisingly, he says that he tried to call me on Monday, 4/14. I confirmed my phone number with him, then looked through my phone logs and didn't see any calls from him. If he had called, why wouldn't he have left a message? Regarding my scope, he says that he doesn't see the less than 1x issue, and doesn't see the curvature of the lines issue outdoors, but sees it indoors. He mentions that he'll rebuild the scope for me. This tells me they haven't really worked on my scope at all at this point. Says it'll be at least another week before I get it back.

-4/28: I received an automated "Order Confirmation" email from US Optics with a FedEx tracking number. The tracking number doesn't work (and never will work)...

-5/1: I receive my repaired scope back with new serial number (since it's a new build). UPS delivers it (so much for the FedEx tracking number!).

Today I looked through the scope at houses outside and inside my house and was pleased to see that the 1x image inside the scope matched well enough to that outside the scope. While pivoting around I noticed some distracting movement in the lens which made me worry about the curvature so I decided to check on it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that issue was fixed...

Using the same garage at 100yds I took pictures of the SR-8s as well as a SUPER cheap Leupold Mk4 knock-off I got as a present 3.5yrs ago (airsoft grade). To my dismay not only did the SR-8s STILL have the distorted image, but the Mk4 DIDN'T!!!

Needless to say, I'm very disappointed in both the product and level of service I received from a company with a good reputation for quality. I fully regret buying this scope and can't recommend the company. Looks like I may have to settle for some other company's 1-6x.

Pics from today:



Knock-off Mk4


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You can clearly see the garage door bottom bowing up and the top bowing down in the first garage pic. Thats just messed up and the pros at the shop can't see this. Maybe the tech just got back from lunch  :ifly:  Thanks for the heads up Farkle.

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Well it looks like this exercise is finally winding down to a close.

After getting a bad replacement scope I decided that I don't want to deal with US Optics anymore and would rather just return the SR-8 and buy something else. I called US Optics the other day and spoke with Ashot, who was MUCH better than the people I had previously spoke with. Instead of acting like he was trying to stonewall me like the others had, he actually tried to find out information for my request to return. I asked him if US Optics would take the return directly since the scope would have to come back to them anyways if I returned it to the dealer. Unfortunately I would have to return the scope to the dealer per their policy.

Initially when I called, Ashot told me that I would want to speak with Arnold on my case since he was the person that had diagnosed/rebuilt my scope. Arnold was the person I assumed was a technician, who claimed to have tried to call me on 4/14 (but wasn't in my call logs and didn't leave a message). I told Ashot that I wasn't comfortable taking that route as reaching Arnold had been very difficult in the past. Ashot mentioned that that was true and that Arnold was in fact the owner of the company. At that point I was thinking, "HOLD ON, WHAT? THE FRIGGING OWNER OF THE COMPANY SENT ME A PIECE OF GARBAGE AS A REPLACEMENT???" Holy cow, I couldn't believe the man at the top showed such a lack of due diligence in fixing their mistake. In fact, it appeared to me as if he just did a quick check of the scope after rebuilding it. When I looked through the replacement at a target within 25yds everything looks good, however if you look at something beyond 50yds away the flaws are very apparent. Considering in my original email I detailed looking at objects 50 and 100yds away they should've validated those conditions.

Yesterday I shipped the scope off to Eurooptic for return. They have been very responsive and helpful, and I would definitely recommend them.

Edited by FaRKle!
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I don't think your experience in entirely unique.  While my opinion and experience with U.S. Optics and yours differ, we can agree that Eurooptic is good to go.  If you are not inclined to go German, then I suggest you take a close look at some of the newer Leupold Mark 6 or Nightforce.  

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If you are not inclined to go German, then I suggest you take a close look at some of the newer Leupold Mark 6 or Nightforce.

I purchased a March-F 1-8x24mm. Anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I haven't shot my MWS for accuracy since I've been needing an optic for it.

I'm pretty disappointed that I read so many great things about USO products and especially their customer service to be treated like they didn't give a poop.

Edited by FaRKle!
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I know that U.S. Optics has had a couple of QC issues, customer service hasn't been on part with some of the other companies, and they are very slow to upgrade aesthetics of their products, but.......they have a reputation for being durable and reliable.  They are hefty that is for sure.  I don't think you will go wrong, but since you are from a Leupold Family the MK6 and MK8 lines are work a look. 

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