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Supreme court refuses to hear case

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In this case, the U.S. Supreme Court "declined to weigh in on whether gun owners have a constitutional right to carry handguns outside the home." The court let stand a lower court decision that found it was OK for a state to require people who want to carry handguns to show they have a special reason before they can get a permit.


But not long ago, in California, a Federal court struck down a law that required citizens to show "good cause" in order to receive a permit to carry concealed.


--Court overturns concealed-carry rule in blow to California gun law - Reuters - Feb 13, 2014


The Supreme Court tends to step in and review a case when different lower Federal courts are reaching contradictory decisions. So now, in one part of the US, states can't require citizens to prove they need a concealed-carry permit, while in other parts of the US, they can impose that requirement. 



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A much better article on this case is here.


It turns out, there are lots of courts that say there is a constitutional right to keep & bear outside the home: "The Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Seventh Circuits and the supreme courts of Illinois, Idaho, Oregon, and Georgia have held or assumed that the Second Amendment includes a right to carry a handgun outside the home for self defense."


That "for self defense" proviso is bogus, IMHO. "Shall not be infringed" is plain language. It establishes a personal right and you shouldn't need to have excuses -- such as self defense -- to exercise that right. That right follows you around everywhere, for the simple reason that you're an adult US citizen.


Speaking of excuses for concealed carry in this case that the Supreme Court just turned down, here's a few that look pretty legitimate -- and were turned down as good excuses to keep & bear:


One of the litigants, John Drake, runs a business that services and restocks bank ATM machines. The work requires that he carry and handle large amounts of cash. His application for a gun permit was denied because he failed to demonstrate a “justifiable need” for a firearm. Another litigant, Finley Fenton, is a reserve sheriff’s deputy who wanted to carry a firearm while off duty for protection from criminals with whom he interacts while on duty. His application was denied for failure to demonstrate a “justifiable need.”


If these aren't clear violations of the Second Amendment, it's hard to imagine what is.


Maybe we should be grateful the Supreme Court did not take the case.

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If you have a clean record, and are law abiding I don't see a reason to get denied if it's our given right according to the 2nd amendment. We have to rise and do something about it or government will just step all over us because they feel we wont/can't do anything.

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Maybe we should be grateful the Supreme Court did not take the case.


What?  The SCOTUS has done such a good job protecting our private property rights from eminent domain.  Oh yeah…okay, bad example.  But just look at our rock solid protections against searches and siezures.  Oops…another poor example.  Well…er…uuhhh...


You can skip right through airport security if you wear a burkha!



If you have a clean record, and are law abiding…. it's our given right according to the 2nd amendment.


They have passed so many laws there isn't a person on this forum who isn't guilty of transgressing them on a daily basis.  SCOTUS has rejected to hear the case about misdemeanor domestic violence forever stripping a person of their gun rights, retroactively to the 1968 GCA.  It now stands they may add any misdemeanor to the "list of crimes making one a prohibited possessor".


The people in government have devolved to nothing more than a school yard bully, trying to control everyone everywhere.

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i carry always. I'm a former LEO and i know without a doubt the police are just a little too far away to help you.

i carry because the criminals are always armed......

i carry because you should never bring a knife to a gun fight........

i hope when my S&W 59 gets worn, i can still get parts for it because it fits me.....

i target practice for the reason i may need close support from my body to survive.......


thanks, bill

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