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Compatability! like my last divorce, Lack of!! RRA LAR 8

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Hey everyone!

my question is , I just Purchased a RRA LAR 8 Lower and was fixx'n to

to go with Armalite upper but, after doin sum read'n now I'm confuzed on what upper to try cause some folk say they will not fit. I have probally built a couple dozen 15's an 16's but am new to the AR10 or LAR style 308/nato, have built some FAL's n CETME's but sorta new to this platform! thanks in advance for anyones input.



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There's no real standardization among the 308ar platforms so don't count on parts interchangeability. The LAR-8 is somewhat proprietary so you are likely to run into issues with finding an upper that isn't an RRA.


The "common" platforms are currently the DPMS LR-308 pattern (DPMS, CMMG, S&W, Mega Arms, SI, etc), and the Armalite AR-10 pattern. Others are a hybrid between the two different patterns. The LAR-8 shares some (but not all) specs with the Armalite AR-10 pattern so some parts may be interchangeable but don't count on everything from an Armalite AR-10 to fit.

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Yeah…FAL mags are the absolute best reason to own a LAR-8.


Unless you like it being fully ambidextrous with mag release and bolt catch, then that's two more reasons.


And accuracy.  If you like accuracy, there's another reason.


But if you want "this is what most others are doing" compatibility or "because it's the original (name bought by license and not related in anything other than that) AR10", then go with that.


Count down to Rsquared getting butthurt in 3…2...

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Whats it gonna take to get R to bite? My bobber never goes down with him

<lmao> Wash


<laughs> Oh that's easy... like this:




Now just wait for the patter of his feet running over here....

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Compatibility is when you have DPMS and Armalite in your house, near to each other. And being nice to all of them. Although, being all-DPMS, well. I have some Ruger and some Marlin, and a Star Firestar. So I guess that makes me tolerant of diversity. Sort of. I think the Star needs a new barrel.

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