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FS: Plate/Armor Carrier

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Size: XL

Color: Khaki

The Releasable Body Armor Vest system, which provides a number of features that improve wearer comfort and overall performance, is compatible with the Special Operation Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) Body Armor Load Carriage System (BALCS) soft armor inserts and hard armor plates. Part No: 7600 (Carrier only) *Designed to fully integrate with SOLAR, SPEAR, BALCS and MSAP armor systems *Fully adjustable height and girth for exact fit *Ambidextrous quick-release mechanism for emergency doffing *Compatible with MOLLE equipage and an array of auxiliary components *Integrated side pockets for magazines, radios and other equipment

I bought this a few years ago when I was much more.... girthy. I tried to cinch it down, but I'm just too small now. This is the the BAE upgrade to the Eagle Maritime CIRAS. It was literally top of the market when I bought it. It's been worn a few times as I goofed off in it, but nothing too straining. It looks like new still. This armor carrier is designed to fall off your body in case of an emergency. It is laced together with a coated steel cable system that runs throughout the carrier. Grab the cable with either hand and pull. The cable releases the armor panels. No worrying about deep water or waiting for medics to cut through your gear.

I never put plates in it, but it'll hold the largest plates available. It currently has an old/expired (2003) Second Chance "TriFlex" level IIIa (*discontinued) in it. I'll throw in the armor for free if the buyer pays the difference in shipping.

This is an extra large model. Just like a T-shirt size. If you wear an XL, this will adjust to your size.

This RBAV comes pre-assembled. I'm including a new Maxpedition "Monkey Combat" admin pouch ($35-$40 value).

I paid waaaay too much when I bought it. I'll let the whole package go here for $200 w/ free shipping. (+$15 if you want the armor insert too, otherwise I'm rolling up the carrier into a small package).

(Internet pic)







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