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Independence Day and TacOps-1


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Just got off the horn with the awesome guys at Mecharmor Defense. First off let me say again, what a great community we have here. You all are recognized by the industry, as being a strong and knowledgeable group.... well, except Tom who's the Dick of the month still. Lol

The fine gentlemen at Mecharmor Defense have offered all of the TacOps-1 charging handles for $45.00 (+shipping) through July 2014. I confirmed this is the price for the AR-15 version, the AR-15 CQB version and the .308 version... personally, being the owner of all three models I can attest, you cannot go wrong here.



Go HERE for the current sale price.

If you haven't seen the ongoing group buy then you need to get on this ASAP. Do your homework and check out my epic review as well.

This is already becoming a standard upgraded part in many tier 1 rifles, such as the new POF and Colt rifles.

Treat yourself to something nice for the celebration of our independence!

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You guys better buy 2 or 3. You never know when a deal like this will pop up again.

In other news...

Mecharmor Defense recently sent a shipment of their charging handles to Brazil. If I understood right, they are headed down with a shipment from Colt to reoutfit the Brazilian military in preparation for 2016 Olympics.

Not to mention, but I believe POF rifles now comes standard with a TacOps-1.

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Pretty impressed. Got a call today from a gentleman at Mecharmor Defense to verify my order, asked what upper it was going in, and informed me  that he would build it tomorrow and ship it out. I couldn't here his name because I was running a skid steer when I first answered. Can't wait to check it out.

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Couldn't resist, the deal is too good to pass up - got 1 more AR10 model and a CQB AR15 model - the deal is still on for a bit longer (I think till the end of July) Awesome charging handle from a great company!! And a smokin deal to boot!

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