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Burris 6.5x20x50 TAC30 w/ Ballistic mildot reticle

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    Any one check one of these out or have one ? I have one one then way & got it very cheap , even though its a refurbished unit , I still got it it very cheap .

    I have several refurbished Nikons & they work fine, so not really worried about that fact. This is replacing the Nikon , Buckmaster 6x18x40 , I have on my 16" 308AR because it has a duplex reticle & I want the MilDot for the longer ranges I will be shooting later .

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    Any one check one of these out or have one ?





I have one one then way & got it very cheap


You have no idea how glad I was to read that one, after the first one!...  <laughs>


You know what was coming next!  <lmao>

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It was, both Midway and Optics Planet were sold out in a day. It is being replaced by the Eliminator 3 which has upgraded distance, reticle, electronics and an improved laser rangefinder. But it is $1200. This I can afford. Will do a comprehensive write up after I get a chance to wring it out.

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Well I have to order 30mm rings for this beast , I could swear they said 1" tube .    Doooooo!



Nice wrapping , its in a cloth baggie. might be a micro fiber one ?



Big scope , bigger than the Nikon that's on the 16" 308



Bad photo but you get the idea of the Balistic mil dot  reticule 



Tac II adj. knobs, resettable zero



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   The rings came in today , nice rings , but the instructions were not up to par , I really don't need instructions , but read them any way . Instruction read with four screws for the QR rings & these QR rings had six , so kinda not up to date with there products . Mounting went OK , after leveling scope to upper receiver , I removed the scope a couple of times to see if it would come back to level & it was off every time , not an awful lot but still off & that would effect you at longer ranges to stay zeroed.

   I think they are more of a QR to remove a damaged scope to go to your BUIS , than to remove & reinstall when change optics . Not a problem I'm not going to use them that way , they are permanent , to me .

  The Nikon I took off seemed to weigh a bit more than this Burris , could be the Burris Ultra Tactical rings on there , because they are big & heavy .













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     This scope had to be the easiest I have ever sighted in or was just lucky . I fired four shots at 25 yards , just to make sure it would hit paper @ 100  made minor windage & elevation adj. & @ 100 took only three rounds to put them dead center . Then I fired five rounds on the smaller sight in square on the target & man , they were right on the money . I gave the 24"x24" cardboard backer to a guy at the range that had none & forgot to take the target off , but this scope impressed me on its clarity & I do like the Ballistic mil dot reticle on this scope also .


 Now to make a home for the Nikon , that was on there   <thumbsup>

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