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Stain, I found something for you.


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I have seen those on a couple of weapons at a few range sessions....but never tried them.  I figured they would be more expensive.  Since they are reasonably priced and somewhat stylish.....I will be ordering one.  I have gone to their website many times in the past when researching chassis systems.  As you probably already know, those chassis systems are awesome.


I see you are sporting a VTAC, which I love, but have you considered:




If you do barricade shooting or use the hog saddle/tripod, this is money:



The loophole sling is on my duty bolt action and it is nothing short of spectacular.  Whoever designed this sling has obviously done a metric poop ton of position/tripod and barricade shooting.  It took a little getting used to, but it will replace my other slings (at least on the bolt guns).

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Stain, I like that loop sling - nothing locks up tighter than a cuff on your upper arm.  Damn nice one, too, and I think I'll try one.  That barricade sling is effin GENIOUS! 


On that bolt knob, I just put it on with the small o-rings for now.  I'll epoxy it in place for good, now that I've cycled it a few times.  It cycles completely different now, and I like it.  I saw it not long ago, and grabbed it, basically, because it's so damn cheap.  It's worth the money, IMHO.


Jon, you better stand back when I get this out - I don't know how big it's gonna get!!!  <lmao>

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I think I've got 8 of the VTAC Mk1 slings on rifles right now.  I'm a hooker for sticking with a part...  <lmao>



$hit, I need to go count rifles.  This is bugging me.

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How does that sling compare to my tac cuff sling ??? http://www.tacticalintervention.com/quickcuffslingmodeltwo.html


That first one that Stain posted, and this one ^^^ are very similar.  You can't get a more stable shooting position than wearing a cuff.  That's the best it gets, brother. 


Now I need to shoot the 1903 tomorrow.  The GI sling is easily converted to a cuff, and I want to get some 30-06 downrange now.



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VTAC makes a sniper sling with a cuff.  I like the TIS slip cuff QD better.  IMO it is a pain in the anus wearing a cuff over my clothes all day.  I know a lot of guys that it doesn't bother and they prefer the separate cuff, but it ain't my cup of tea.  The HOG SS Loophole sling is slowing becoming my favorite.  There are a couple of positions that I used with the VTAC...the loop around the strong side tricep for example.  I miss the cuff, for locking in, but using my belt and body as a stabilizer works really nice.   


For the record.  I prefer TIS over TAB slings.

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Just pissed myself off.  Counted VTAC slings.  I do have 8 - on rifles. VTAC Mk1 slings on the Mk12, 700, Ruger GSR, Moss MVP, Savage FV-SR, and 3 x 10-22s.  BFG VTAC Padded on the 16" precision gun, and BFG VTAC (non-padded) on the Moss 930 SPX.  TactiCat on overwatch...  >:D




TactiCat doing a barrel inspection on the FV-SR:




Two spare VTAC Mk1 slings - the FDE one is destined for my 300BLK, when I pick up the attaching hardware.  TactiCat providing guard, once again.  He's not happy that I have these out, and he's not going to the range with me...



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finally got my VTAC adjusted pretty well and like it, but it was a pain to get it right. I still don't like the tail, and I run out of room and require a double pull to really cinch it tight. (the tail bottoms out, and I need to let go and regrip it near the buckle to get the last inch out of it) I think I might be too skinny for this sling without any gear on.

think I'm going to try one of those WAY OF THE GUN slings next. looks simple, but appears to have tons of adjustment.

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