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More shootings today...


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Just in case you weren't paying attention today:


Gunman kills 2 deputies and injures one deputy and a bystander with an "AR-15 style" rifle.



....and high school shooting in WA.



Wonder if this is going to start another round of paranoia, especially that shooting in CA starring yet another "dangerous" AR-15 rifle.

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Story I heard it was some jock all dick hurt about a girl?!? That sounds very convenient


Yup, that was on the news. Kids today don't know how to suck it up and be a man.


The AR-15 was the shooting in Cali where the three sheriff's deputies were shot and two of them died. Some bystander was shot too.

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Well guys this one hits home. I lived in marysville for 9months while my parents had our house built two towns over. I played at the high school and swam there. My childhood friend was the mayor several years ago. My facebook account exploded yesterday morning while I was on it. My friends had there kids in MP high school. Another freind's child is on the football team , knew Fryberg. Another freind is the employer of the uncle and father of a victims. From what I got this was about a breakup and jealous site between cousin s and an ex girlfriend. It just doesn't make any sense. He was a popular kid.

my thoughts and prayers go out to the family's and the whole Marysville community.

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