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  2. Pic Of The Day 2

  3. Today
  4. Pic Of The Day 2

    That would have been great for the job.
  5. Pic Of The Day 2

  6. What did do today on your loading bench !

    first bucket cleaned. im loving this shiney brass!
  7. The Wall

    We DID set that off while they were driving around us...
  8. Vegas Shooting

    If you look at that information closely, every single rifle that was listed with a 100rd magazine was listed as having a bump stock. There is no deviation in that report, from that. The pictures don't agree with the written report. You can clearly see rifles with SureFire 100rd mags that do not have bump stocks on them. I saw no Beta C-Mag 100rd drum mags in any of those evidence pics, only SureFires, so I'm guessing that's all he was using, and I'm guessing that's all this report is referring to.
  9. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Don't buy from midway on the rail... Do a lil Google.... They are lots cheaper than u might think way less than 100... Okay the green is camera whew.. Lol.....Tubbs buffer spring too Wash
  10. Cartridge Case Head Space

    I agree , the LE Wilson Case HS Gages work fine . I went for so long without using any a Case gage , its a wonder my ammo worked , it wasn't till the last year or so , I started to use them , I'm glad they talked me into using them here . I have them for all the Bottle neck Cases I reload for now .
  11. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Looks like a Carbine Gas System , get an adj. Gas Block & a 12" + Hand Guard with full top Rail . Also looks like a 0.750" Gas Block . Adj . the Gas Block per instructions & it will be a softer shooter , leave the Stock system alone if you like it . Put some BUIS on . Might need a Strap wrench to remove stock HG , not sure of the newer ones , someone else here will know . Plenty of Railed HG's out there for a LR DPMS . A 2016 built LR DPMS will be the low Rail Upper Receiver .
  12. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    My wife just got me the latest for my birthday. I have all of them except for the ops center books.
  13. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    History has proven that what these men did, resulted in how quickly a few SF ODAs smoked the Taliban in the opening days of the conflict after 9/11. There is a book out about this one specifically, and the book isn't that old. There are a few older books out there that talk about their actions, as they pertained to (what turned into) the larger operation. This is an excellent book on the opening days:
  14. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    Red Storm Rising is my all time favorite.
  15. Rural driveway alarm

    Dog is real good with the family but does not like strangers. The other guy is ok, unless it’s GREG, then watch out
  16. The Wall

    And blowing a large wad of tannerite
  17. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    The movies don’t do the books any kind of justice. Jack Ryan novels are some of the best out there. He also did really well with the books on “The Campus”
  18. The Wall

    I've taken Greg to places with certain signs posted. Illegals, dangerous area, and such. We were runnin' and gunnin' while USBP was driving around our shoot zone. @edgecrusher
  19. Rural driveway alarm

    That's a mean looking animal. Dog looks tough too.
  20. Vegas Shooting

    But where's that one missing hard drive? His brother was busted for child porn, but seems kinda janky they're just now reporting on this and nothing else that would give any new info.
  21. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    Not taken as snarkey. The crappy hand guard is one of DPMS' "free float" tubes.You should have seen the "A2-like" handguard that came with it. I'm looking for a replacement. The gas block is DPMS also. I'm not happy with it from the standpoint it is set crews without dimpling, So I'll look for another. Looking at a Timney drop in trigger but don't know much about them. As I've said, AR15 platforms (other than M16 variants in military) are new to me as a civilian shooter. Thought the Leupold was decent? Grip and butt stock are actually sand colored but came out green in iPhone photo. I reload for the M1A and use FGMM 168 store bought for this rifle. With the M1A, it likes 168 and 175 Sierra Match Kings. With this? It actually shot tighter groups with Australian milsurp 140's. All the Milsurp I have though are Berdan primed and I don't reload them. Open rail that covers gas block and new gas block_ recommendations? Looking for a free float rail but its hard to tell in Firearm news and local dealers want to sell ones that cost as much as I paid for the rifle. Probably will go to Brownells or Midway for it. And thanks.
  22. The Wall

    I can see that. They're definitely frustrated down here in south Texas. Might be hard to explain shooting a coyote,"Oh, sorry officer, that was the wrong type of coyote".
  23. The Wall

    Damn AR...the NSA watches this place like a hawk.....pump the brakes a bit Wash
  24. The Wall

    I dont drink much any more , but ammo would be nice .
  25. Vegas Shooting

    I read now he had hundreds of child porn photo's on one of the four Lap Tops in his room .One of his brothers was arrested for the same thing , not long after the shooting . By shooting at that storage tank , he wanted to do whole sale damage , who knows what that would have done . Lots of buildings close , not to mention people fleeing that way from the shooting . Ya know sooner or later , there will be a highly trained shooter ( terrorist ) that will not screw things up with a plan , that will be real bad .
  26. 12 Strong; this will be good.

    Did our side win? I kinda like it when our side wins like Iwo Jima and all of them Tom Clancy movies (Hunt for Red October)
  27. DPMS Oracle Accurizing

    I think if you rip off the crappy hand guard and gas block and replace it with a nice longer open type rail that covers the gas block...it doesn't have to be pricey...put a decent drop in trigger system like a velocity or a rise...adjust the buffer system to where it cycles but dampens perceived recoil....$hit can the optics for something decent and $hit can the butt ugly green butt stock along with the butt ugly green grip...use some decent ammo you might just have a shooter? Not trying to be snarky ...just a critique Wash
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