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  1. Today
  2. Put the first 53 rounds through it this morning - did not disappoint! It loves my 55gr range loads, but man did it hate 10 rounds of 69gr Prvi Partizan match ammo... It's a bug-hole shooter, for sure. I was all jacked up on coffee and Copenhagen this morning, and still had some damn tight groups. This one is a winner. I have a feeling it's either gonna love, or hate, my normal 75gr Hornady HPBT load. If it hates it, I'll make up a dedicated load for this rifle. Next few weekends coming up are tough, but I'll get more time on this one before all you bastards invade my territory here...
  3. That's quite amusing. Good thing the jeep made it. Does it have a snorkel or suspension lift?
  4. Howdy from the Texas side of the borders. I'm from Western PA but did spend 4-years in Happy Valley.
  5. I have literally 0 dofficulty believing that. If i needed to get screwed together i would feel more comfortable going to the dude in the fastener isle at Lowes than the Va. :/
  6. Just some general discussion on tactics, and already people think that i should be turned in amd killed for being a bad guy. Lol these people man.
  7. Haha it needs to happen, but it might end up in Dave Puzon leather, or Doug Wilson kydex! :-)
  8. Well, i have a local range, Rockcastle shooting center, where we might be able to meet up and do just about anything including 1000+ yard shooting, Or, for a smaller group of dudes, i should have a 100 yard range in my back yard soon complete with target stands, steel targets, and a covered shooting area...
  9. seattle any thing is a pain in my back side! I stay away from all of it now...
  10. i had a wood chip in my eye for 8 hours before i tapped out and went to the er! the eye drops made an instant reliefe and er had me looking through iodine that shows up in uv.. fucking awesome and painfull experience!
  11. If you get to it soon enough, a magnet works. Most people I see are 2-3 days later. It's rusted into the eye and not letting go with a magnet.
  12. This guy is dead now but I didn't kill him. He went on the Gravey Train dog food diet and it contributed to his death, he was laying in the street licking his dick when a truck ran over him. Ha!
  13. Seattle will have a pro team in the next few years. They are in the works of building a privately funded arena. I don't completely understand, it's a lot like soccer tho, with a lot more action
  14. I pulled metal shavings outta a guy at works eye with a magnet it was gnarly
  15. "You ever had a chunk of wire pulled from your eyeball by a giant electromagnet, boy?" "Well, no" "Then quit yer bitchin!"
  16. Ohhhh crap....that sounds just lovely.
  17. yep cnuck is all i usually get hear.. i have a hard time following the rules but like the fights..
  18. Back in the day our equipment operators used a large bench grinder with a wire wheel to polish rust off of oilfield bullet perforating guns and sometimes would get steel particles and wire pieces in their eye. We had a large electromagnet to magna-flux well casing. I would slip it over the guy's head and flip the switch on and off you could hear the metal hit the magnet and that almost always cleared up the eye problem. An eye wash completed the treatment.
  19. Hockey 1/2 of them aren't even from this continent and they still stand
  20. I've had that done twice from overhead grinding WITH safety glasses. Once from sawing counter top without glasses. Damage to the eyeballs is right up there with an abscessed tooth for most irritating pain.
  21. ^ had to have some metal dug out before getting glasses. That does suck.
  22. thats a good one !
  23. I've got two of those Bushnell's and they've been really good scopes.
  24. Discovery channel....or Live PD..our new fav.... .. Wash
  25. This is not my video but I have done this on many occasions. Wear safety glasses because this hurts you more than me. Still not as bad as a shot in the eye, right wash?
  26. Oh. I guess that they needed a lurch type to perform research on huh? Nothing but the truth there. Stay busy, and keep moving. Otherwise you'll turn into an "old man". And it's always good to spend time with the grandkids ain't it? My (almost) 3 year old granddaughter already knows that she's got me by the short and curly's.
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