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Everything posted by JMoto

  1. I think it was a good post, lots of GOOD discussion and no pissing contests.
  2. That is one heck of a post! Good info though.
  3. I agree with you on most all accounts. There is no way to make it as consistent as a bolt gun, but you can eliminate as many variables as possible. Bedding is a way to do that, but it does not change the fact that there are many parts that move. If you time the rifle so that the bullet has left the barrel before the bolt makes it's rearward movement then you have eliminated that issue as well. Now who has a high speed camera so we can test out that theory? Is the AR platform as inherently accurate as the bolt platform? Of course not, but is it possible to make a reliable and serviceable AR that can compete with a bolt gun? I think that gap is constantly closing. I have seen some screaming targets coming from the 308 platform.
  4. I have no firsthand experience, but I have been told that they are malfunction makers. I have not seen it firsthand though.
  5. Just like on a poorly bedded bolt gun, a poorly bedded AR can make the situation worse. Under recoil the rifle is going to move and as such the upper will also move and if it is not a tight fit, it will move somewhat independent of the lower. We spend a lot of time tailoring a load for our rifles. Why does one load shoot better out of rifle a than rifle b? Even if they have the same barrel made by the same company put together by the same smith? Harmonics. When working up a load you are actually tuning the harmonics of the relationship between the bullet and the barrel. This is really stretching it on the accuracy portion and as stated, most of us cannot shoot well enough to notice the difference, but some also want to eliminate as many variables as possible. Many people much smarter than I have written extensively on the topic, but basically in order to have a consistent harmonic response you want to shoot from the most stable platform there is and a sloppy action on any platform is not a solid foundation.
  6. Ok so canting the rifle will not effect your POI? A rocking upper is essentially canting itself. In addiction to this, under recoil the upper will be shifting around and this too will create an issue as inconsistencies in the harmonics. Why waste time handloading if you are not going to try and tame the harmonics of the rifle? Will a sloppy upper to lower fit make you lose combat accuracy? No, but if you are trying to make small holes in paper then yes it may be good for you to reduce that wobble aka battle rattle.
  7. I had a couple of pistols done in NiB and it is great. It took a few hundred rounds to break them in though so keep that in mind. The precess adds material so be sure to get some rounds down if it is a weapon you plan on using to save your life.
  8. Bedding is what they were talking about. I have a couple rifles that I bedded and they shoot well. One is my dpms sass and the other is a sig 556, both shoot under MOA. Bedding the AR is something that is often debated. If there is wobble in the upper from left to right how can anyone say that it does not cause ill effects downrange? The effect it has on the harmonics of the rifle will cause inconsistencies. Arethey big enough for you to notice? maybe, maybe not. On precision rigs I try to eliminate as many variables as possible.
  9. at shorter ranges the change will be minimum, unless money is on the line and you are not pushing max loads, you can get away with mixed brass or brass from different lots.
  10. I really cant compare honestly, I can say that doing a buddy assist was completely comfortable. I shoot with ear pro on even when shooting suppressed.
  11. Welcome from another Michigander.
  12. When installing a barrel I always tq to min. spec and then loosen, and repeat a couple of times and then tq to min spec again and then tighten until the barrel nut aligns with the gas tube hole, I usually do not run into the described issue this way.
  13. Specs on the rig DPMS S.A.S.S with Gemtech HVT VTAC free float tube JP adjustable gas block Bedded reciever Other than that I think it is stock
  14. This was from a distance of 15 feet, 2 shots running almost no gas. You can see the bolt did not lock back on the last shot and you can hear the hammer fall. We shot it full gas, no gas, and a few places in between. We were fixing a few of that dealers class three weapons so we did not have much time to play. When his sig716 comes in I am sure we will have more time to play with the suppressor.
  15. I cant find the video anymore, I have no idea what happened to it. There was a problem uploading it and it cut off after 3 rounds. In the midst of trying to figure out what went wrong in the uploading I think I deleted it. A buddy of mine uploaded a video of it but it was only two shots. PM me if you want the link as it is "private" and not available without the direct link.
  16. Another option is to bed the receiver either the upper or lower. I have done it on a couple but there are other options. The main thing I like about the bedding is that it is still a tooless takedown should I need to strip it in a hurry.
  17. I went with a buddy who is still waiting for his Sig 716 and tried his can on my DPMS SASS, talk about fun! I will have video of it shortly, but I mainly posted this as a warning to everyone... if you shoot one, you will want one. Pics will be up later and video will follow.
  18. It could be either the ejector or extractor. I had some very sharp edges on my ejector and took a stone and just honed the edged off. Been much better since then.
  19. Smith and Wesson M&P full size or compact in 9mm... I need as many chances as I can get lol
  20. sounds like fun, I have the same program but have not had a chance to test it.
  21. I have buddy waiting on his, they are a sig direct dealer and playing the waiting game. I will get pics and a range report when it comes in.
  22. Welcome from the east side of the state.
  23. I have never paid more than 20 a box for the stuff, palmetto has the best deal right now I agree.
  24. Oh ok, I must have misread.
  25. The above results surprise me. I have put some pretty gnarly brass in there and it all came out looking fresh and brand new. The stuff in your pic looks like it is steel cased ammo. I see no brass in there. I am not saying that is the case, simply stating that for a color comparison.
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