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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. Welcome aboard from Michigan. Born and raised near Franklin/Oil City. I have a DPMS Oracle and love it.
  2. Make sure you report back. I've used the regular little mesh bag on mine and the brass almost always gets jammed in the mouth of the catcher. It works fine on the R-15 though.
  3. Yeah, it was still an evil black gun <laughs> Only put about 8 rounds through it so far. All reloads for the AR but they're good enough for a break in. 150 gr shoots about 1.5 MOA with them but was able to hit a milk jug @ 400 on about the 6th time ::) Before I had won a mossy oak camo kit and decided this was as good a gun as any to put it on. After The wife seemed to think I'd go set it down in the woods and not be able to find it so I made a sling for it too.
  4. A greeting so nice it has to be delivered twice <laughs>
  5. I've got a knife, bullets, steel, barrels, oh hell......I forget what all I have coming.
  6. I just keep my eye on the forums and bought 1K once fired LC brass for $100 +-. My gun is currently shooting 3/4 to 1.25 MOA out to 400 and that brass. We'll see if it shoots any better once I'm through all the brass and start a round after it's all been fired through my gun. That may be a while ;D
  7. This did give me a little free lesson on wind as well. Now the conditions were varying but here is the 55 gr pill next to the 175 gr pill and why, if the situation warranted carry I'd chose 7.62 over 5.56.
  8. I chose DPMS because that's what I have and so far it's been totally reliable. (not under BC) Even though there are no spare parts.......eventually there will be spare weapons.
  9. Here's my latest trip to the range Wednesday evening. 6-8 mph winds gusting to the left. I took zero account for wind not caring where they landed just checking elevation after finally officially running some rounds through the chrono. Avg velocity is 2482 out of my 16" Oracle. 175 smk 44.5 varget, LC brass 200 primer. Elevation by Strelok was 1/2 MOA off so I see I have to run a different velocity in the program than what is in the real world. Still, I'll take it until I can test at longer distance.
  10. I need to get some more supplies and hope I never have to use them.
  11. Well, 2 of them arrived in the mail today. <thumbsup> So I'm done spending money for yesterday ;)
  12. 2 pmags, thanks to spenders in a different post. <dontknow>
  13. You guys need to stop spending my money <lmao>
  14. the "evil place" was a dead giveaway. Send me a PM. I'm always in the market for a deal.
  15. Yeah but I'll have to wait till I can buy 5. Shipping is only $2 more than buying 2 and having them shipped.
  16. I want to say my buddy's AR is a Les Baer but I can't remember exactly. 24" heavy barrel and I wouldn't want to have to carry this thing even 1/2 mile.
  17. Damnit, I knew I should have gone last week. :'(
  18. Well, not in the mail but I think I'll go pick up a few thousand primers and some powder before November.
  19. Wow, you don't even have to get dirty walking to the target and back. :cookoo:
  20. They'll blame it on the pot though there is not a chance in hell that it's a contributing factor. That evil evil gateway drug.
  21. I'm happy with my Buckmaster with BDC and let the software tell me where the drops are, then verify.
  22. I can tell you from personal experience. I don't care how dry the heat is.......114 is still HOT
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