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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. Those look like good guesses. the 223 7.62 x 39 are easy...the other two not so much for me. The 6.8 looks right.
  2. I'm only good at posting them not guessing them. Somebody else has done this now and I don't have a clue. <lmao>
  3. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner. Thanks for playing.
  4. fr3db3ar

    175 SMK

    In case you guys are looking a good deal on some of these. They are pulled bullets. I just picked up 1K and they look good. http://forum.accurateshooter.com/index.php?topic=3779956.msg36032263#msg36032263 Thought I'd pass the deal around.
  5. <lmao> This wasn't supposed to be that hard <lmao> I meant to mention that the outer 2 are the same bullet. BLKSHEEP you are sooooooooo close.
  6. You guys are so close. Last clue. The center 2 are 223/5.56 and 308/7.62. The outer 2 are metric, not 30 cal.
  7. You're going the wrong direction :D
  8. TH got 1 Robo got 1 but is really close on the others Edge got 2 and is close on one other Jeff got 2 and is close on the others BS got 1 and is really close on 2
  9. Here's a little game. Guess all 4. No prizes, your pride in knowledge of cartridges is it's own reward. 2 are common 2 less so.
  10. Just got my 1000 pieces of pulled 175 SMK <thumbsup>
  11. It's got a button <laughs> you can adjust it down for close work ;D
  12. Nice job. I'd go ahead and paint the rest of it to match. <thumbsup>
  13. fr3db3ar

    Got pork?

    No matter the question, the best answer is always BACON. <thumbsup>
  14. Out of HS I did my Air Force time. Then did house framing for quite a few years in a couple states. Did some manufacturing after moving to Michigan (Wife's home state). For the last 8 years I've done inventory control. Currently manage a stockroom or machine parts for a automotive parts stamping/welding facility. Inventory management is what I like to do.
  15. But then it would take up half the room as it would need to be at least 40" deep. <lmao>
  16. I just saw a guy had made a 10/22 receiver out of ABS. He hasn't shot it yet but it's pretty cool.
  17. I believe it applies to any and all verifiable service.
  18. I'm far from an expert at reloading and am currently resizing my brass for certain reasons disclosed earlier. I'm shooting the DPMS Oracle. LC brass CCI 200 primers, mag length. 150 BTSP over 46 Varget and 175 SMK over 44.5 Varget. Both loads shoot MOA or less out to 400 when I do my part. I really need to do some 10 or 20 round groups to show what I can with it. I don't shoot from lead sleds, strictly bipod and supported rear for groups. YMMV
  19. Good luck Matt. No more lying ;D
  20. Congradulations Matt. Don't spend it all in one place.
  21. fr3db3ar

    308 Link

    That's a good link. That is the picture I printed when I was trying to figure out why my reloads wouldn't chamber and I checked my measurements against it. <thumbsup>
  22. Actually some other's advice seems to have solved my problem. I had my dies adjusted per the instructions but backing off the stop nut seems to have fixed it. I made 3 more rounds and they all ejected with no problem. How is it that once you have the die touching the base and the handle still has 1/2" to go before touching the frame ( Lee hand press) that you can compress something more?? It seems to me that once you had metal on metal that would be it no matter how much harder you pressed the handle!
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