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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. Me too. It's not a target scope by any means, but with it on the Stevens and shooting at shoot and see targets (circular) you can line it up pretty even each time. The last 3 shot group I shot with that gun measured .210. It impressed even me. I certainly don't shoot that well all the time but I think the limiting factor is me.
  2. Let us know how that scope works out. I'm always interested in inexpensive side focus scopes if they are worth anything. Currently I love my Nikon Coyote special and I have a buckmaster on the way.
  3. You think they'd let me shoot gators with the AR? ;D Let's at least all go hunt some pythons.
  4. Welcome aboard. I like my Oracle a lot. DPMS makes some good shooters.
  5. I love the front cover <thumbsup>
  6. Welcome aboard. I'm sure plenty of good information is on the way.
  7. All I run is reloads. 55 V-max and 69 SMK Same with the 7.62. 175 SMK and 150 BTSP
  8. I know how you feel Robo. I had Fedex, USPS and UPS all deliver on the same day. It was like an early birthday.
  9. Step away from the computer and it would all take care of itself <laughs>
  10. Thanks, I had already checked that out buy my issue was the sear kept gouging the trigger face even after I radiused the edge a little. The RR trigger came today and went right in......what a difference.
  11. Well, it's hard to use that when you can't get all your information on the screen.
  12. I'll have to try this. I currently have the shooter program but can't range worth a damn past 600 yards with mildots.
  13. Great, now they're out of stock <laughs>
  14. Thanks, I hadn't seen that recommended anywhere. Guess I'll have to click on Brownell's from here and git r done. ;D Anything is better than what I have going on right now.
  15. I know about the drop-ins but I'm having a hard time justifying an upgrade that is the price of a decent handgun. :( I've smoothed off the lip of the sear I can't figure out why or how it would continue to be able to gouge the face of the trigger.
  16. It couldn't be a real hunt in PA. JK They don't allow semi's for hunting anything. Even squirrels, it's stupid. Good shooting on the hog.
  17. This is still alive but I have some issues. I originally barely did any polishing, certainly not enough to break through any hardening....assuming there was any to begin with. Why would my sear continue to gouge marks into my trigger face? It just makes it all gritty again.
  18. I really wish somebody would hurry up and make a reliable WMR upper.
  19. We hope for the best, but it seems like common sense ad Illinois don't have much in common.
  20. AF 9.5 years. Bombs and bullets, storage and delivery. It was a good run, all cold war. Join the AF and see the world.....or at least Georgia, Korea and Florida. Korea was fine....they can keep Georgia and Florida ;D
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