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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. how sensitive is this powder to temperature change.
  2. I think I'm liking those a lot more than my steel ones. The steel is functional but it just doesn't match my Pmags :D
  3. Are we ready enough that we need to send these in yet?
  4. Beyond is where I'd really need to tighten them up. I put the RR 2 stage in. Not a match trigger but a hell of a lot better than the stock one was. I really want to take this out to at least 800. Right now it's plenty good for deer at the local distances that I would have to shoot. I'm also keen on taking less than optimal equipment and making it work well. It's always fun to take the least and make the most of it. Especially if it irritates a couple people a little who spend a lot more and still can't out do it. I want my skill set to outperform my weapon of choice. (I'm still working on that) <thumbsup>
  5. So, what do you guys think the odds are that if I were to put a FF tube on this thing that the groups would tighten up??
  6. Well, mine aren't quite as pretty as some here. I went to the range today and shot some 150 SGK and some 69 SMK and some 55 V-max @ 400. The V-max barely made backer and I have to work on my dial up numbers for those. I dialed 1 MOA right for the left wind over my shoulders, I thought it looked like the wind was different down range and I should have paid attention to what I was seeing the grass do. Without the dial over these are pretty close to on. The Oracle has around 500 rounds through it now and seems to be fairly settled in. I've replaced the gracier guards with the rails that snap into the same position with a grip/push button bipod and the Stevens from a 6" Harris. Both running Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14 BDC. The 150s out of the Oracle hit 1/2 MOA high and 1 MOA right (close to what I dialed) ::) with a 4.86" spread The 69s out of the Stevens hit .25 MOA low and 1.5 MOA right ( a little more than I had dialed with a 2.42" spread. I don't really consider this too bad for the cheapest guns you can buy. I know everybody likes pictures. ;D
  7. I only shoot 150 and 175 so far. Same POA @ 100 and only a couple MOA different @ 400 which is the farthest I've pushed them so far.
  8. I don't want speed for the sake of speed. 1 in 10. I also shoot the 150 @ 2600 and it's a couple MOA less dial up out @ 400. I'd be happy with any information you're willing to share.
  9. I need some way to reliably speed my load up. I'm shooting near max load of Varget and 175 SMK. Strelok says I'm shooting around 2450 out of my 16" barrel. I'd really like to speed that up a bit with a temperature stable powder.
  10. Change is never easy.....even less so for the government.
  11. I have a butler creek lulu loader on the way. I won one in a contest for the 5.56 and was amazed at how well it worked. I had to have one for the 7.62 as well.
  12. I was also wondering how you would do AD personnel. I haven't been for quite a long time but knew it has always been against regs to be copying IDs. My service was pretty boring so won't have a lot to add even with access.
  13. You should be fishing out of the boat.....no ticks there. <laughs>
  14. Things happen for a reason. Remember when one door closes a window (of opportunity) opens. Or so they say.
  15. I too wonder what they'd say if I painted my flashhider orange? Of course it's not like they'd even know, cause I'm not going to carry it down the street.
  16. you take care Mac and come home in one piece.
  17. No problem....finally I can contribute something useful to this great site. <thumbsup> 8)
  18. Yes, click on above like you already know....then to the right of every topic there is a box that says "NEW" that takes you to the first new post in that thread.
  19. Welcome aboard. Lots of good information to be found here.
  20. If you're worried about cost, I linked in another post to some good 175s at about 1/2 price. Just a thought.
  21. I had my 10/22 barrel reworked by a guy on RFC it is as close to a one hole shooter @ 50 yards as I can get for $300 total into the gun. And it still looks stock.
  22. Welcome aboard dsdmmat <thumbsup>
  23. We just had tile installed in the Kitchen, front entry, rear entry, bath and laundry. It looks really nice....we just had to buy a few rugs. It's a bit chilly in the morning <laughs>
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