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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. Different options here. http://www.silencertalk.com/silencer-forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=24326 A little bit of a math lesson as well.
  2. It looks like an "H" with the shocker in the middle. :cookoo: who would do such a thing <laughs>
  3. Welcome aboard Tom. There are plenty of enablers here to help you spend your money.
  4. I have to say........I believe you're rarely going to have good results from rewriting a document that was written when the government still has some common sense.
  5. Whatever shoots well in YOUR gun. <thumbsup>
  6. Welcome aboard. Plenty of good information to be had here.
  7. Have you been in my mancave taking pictures? Other than a couple brand name differences that is my exact setup....even pushing the keyboard out of the way to load <laughs> <thumbsup>
  8. fr3db3ar


    Load some to mag length and see what happens. It's really all you can do if you don't want to single load.
  9. I don't use any neck lube at all in my 308 or 223, is that hurting me somehow?
  10. From my limited experience 1) Only know what I've read. I just polished my Oracle trigger and it's good enough for me at this time. 2) I bought a railed hand guard that fits in place of the Oracle hand guard, not free floated. 3) I shoot around MOA out to 400. That's as far as I've had a place to shoot yet.
  11. I agree.....what does DPMS mean anyway? <dontknow> <laughs>
  12. Personally I love it here. A lot of it is way beyond what I want to do and some of the talk just goes over my head. I came looking for 308AR info and found that plus more. Everyone has been friendly and knowledgeable. I don't have a lot to offer as I don't claim to be an expert at anything. I know just enough about a lot of things to get me in trouble with them all <laughs> Thanks for the forum guys.
  13. Kits are probably the way to go and I started way under your price point. I use a hand press, RCBS scale, Lee dies, my trickler is a .38 case ;D I don't load fast but I don't shoot a lot either. Just enough to keep in practice and the barrel cool.
  14. I'd like to run my zero up further on my mil-dots, but I'm concerned that if I don't do every rifle the same that I won't remember which one is zeroed high and which is standard center zero. <dontknow> I know I could go to different scope mounts with inserts but I really like the 2 that I have on my ARs at the moment.
  15. I like the idea of that H37 reticle.
  16. Welcome aboard. I'm with EC on this. Another upper is the way to go. <thumbsup>
  17. Welcome, I shoot the Oracle as well, mine shoots near MOA and I'd be comfortable out to at least the 400 that I've practiced at. Can't to take it out to 600 to 800.
  18. Welcome aboard, we expect to see some hog pics with that DPMS
  19. Welcome, no cure, therapy can go on forever <thumbsup>
  20. Montana coyote decoy <thumbsup> Is 308 too much?? <lmao>
  21. Let us know how it works. Varget smells funny ;D
  22. Sounds like a close family and good luck to you and your son.
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