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Everything posted by fr3db3ar

  1. I have one of those Winchester ones from WM. It's a pain if you like to move them around because it uses a allen wrench instead of a larger head that you can turn with your fingers. Also if you move it on and off a lot you WILL strip the screw they put in it. Luckily I run a stock room and have access to new screws. I think it's 1/4-28 if IRC. Still, it's a good reliable bipod.
  2. Thanks Mike, I did measure several of my loads...They all seem to fall into spec. Remember I've been a carpenter....fractions I can deal with..... thousandths.....not so much lol I chamfer the neck both inside and outside after sizing.
  3. I'm working with reloads here. I have an issue of first rounds sometimes not wanting to seat into the chamber all the time. I also have the issue when this happens and even when they do seat that I can't eject a live round. I'll have to pull on the charging handle and tap it with a mallet to get the round to extract. If I've done this a couple times then usually the round to extract by hand ok. This doesn't happen all the time but most of the time on the first round of the day. As far as firing then everything seems to feed fine, I haven't tried to manually extract a live round during a course of fire. These are full length sized and trimmed, the chamber is cleaned, the bolt is cleaned and lubed. I don't have a single issue with some commercial 150 gr hornady that I have sitting around. This is once fired LC brass, after sizing I've measured the brass and all the dimensions seem to be within thousandths of what they should be as close as I can tell. I used a marker on the bullet to see if somehow it was jamming into the lands but that doesn't seem to be the case. I do have scratches on the bullets but I'm guessing that is the extractor pulling it a bit to the side on extraction. Opinions and advice on what I should be checking would be greatly appreciated. I've been reloading for about a year so I'm not an expert. I don't have any issues whatsoever with my R-15 using LC brass. This issue is with my oracle LR308. Could I have a tight chamber for some reason? It's chambered for 7.62. Help.
  4. I have to say that this must all apply to factory ammo. I'm shooting LC brass which I'm sure started as 5.56. and loading it with 55 vmax and 69 smk and shooting out of my R-15 and Stevens with no issues what so ever.
  5. Took a trip to the range today to do some long range work. 400 yards. First three shot 2.2" Then I turned right around and shot this group. 6.25".this was after adjusting the scope. I know I pulled the one to the right so it would have been smaller. Here is my setup. Not free floated, the rails snapped in place of the glacier hand guard. 150 btsp Hopefuly this turned out OK. First post on a new tablet. Still working out the bugs. fixed. Ok, now really fixed. Don't care for the size of the pics on whatever mobile setting they put me on. Crazy
  6. I understand that. I haven't had to carry it far yet. Hopefully that won't be required <thumbsup>
  7. I haven't tried less than 55. 55 to 69 shoot great out of my 1 in 9
  8. I can tell you that my Oracle shoots MOA or 1/4 over out to at least 400.
  9. Welcome aboard. You'll like this platform for long range.
  10. Well, I had to order a few trinkets to pull a ball from my ML. Don't stuff a ball down the muzzle before loading powder :cookoo:
  11. In Michigan, 2 days ago I was in a winter jacket. Today, 65 degrees. It would appear spring is here and bugs are soon to follow. Looks like the Thermacell may get some extra use this year.
  12. I'm assuming that's a bench gun?
  13. Welcome aboard. Born and raised in western PA.
  14. You kinda look like me....only with a little more hair and missing a finger. I feel sorry for you.(for looking like me) <laughs>
  15. Well it couldn't be the fingers.....they're missing ;D
  16. Welcome aboard. There will be plenty of assistance on options for you to spend your money on :D
  17. I have another coyote special 4.5 - 14 on the way. Also found it necessary to buy a round ball puller and a patch puller. :(
  18. If your Oracle is anything like mine you are going to love it.
  19. First I would suggest you at least replace the glacier hand guard with a set of rails that fit into the same space. I forget where I got mine but they were only about $25. Then you can use any standard picatinny bipod.
  20. Well, I just received the Nikon Buckmaster that I had on order and found a Coyote special at a price that I couldn't pass up. I just love these Nikon side focus scopes. <thumbsup>
  21. You just mean, they're not there YET!!
  22. Welcome aboard. Other than a few specialty tools, the AR is pretty simple in design. IMO.
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