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  1. Griz

    FGMM $16.99 a Box, Free Shipping on 10

    Dammit, I'm trying to move! Walls need painted, septic cleaned, other repairs. aaand she just busted me using the credit card. Well, I picked up 10 boxes. Thanks!
  2. Griz

    Going, going, gone soon.

    Lot of peeps trying to back him up. "He's just playing 3D chess." They say. Suddenly he 's playing, and loosing, tic-tac-toe? WTF? I'd like to believe it's not true, but it doesn't look good from here.
  3. Griz

    Teen Snuffs 3 Invaders

    Cue dumbass relatives spewing nonsense. "Schumacher does say he supports the right to bear arms and protect your home. But he doesn’t agree with shooting and killing intruders." https://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2017/03/31/family-home-invader-laments-never-chance-ar-15/
  4. Griz

    Scope Info. for Beginners

    "... go out and identify the very best scope you think you can afford—and then buy one that’s a little better." I use this for every major purchase. Good read!
  5. Griz

    World War III

    if it's brown, it's down.
  6. Griz

    Brownell's Mag Packs

    never fails. i just bought a ten pack of magpul, 3rd gen, 20 rounders through southeast outfitters. with shipping, they were the least expensive at the time. coulda saved $15 with this deal. i'll let you guys know the next time i buy something. you'll be able to save a couple of bucks when it goes on sale the next week. : P
  7. Griz

    Deer urine banned in Virginia

    Missouri has had a few cases in central and northern regions. So far no knee jerk reactions like this. Mostly making the hunters aware.
  8. Griz

    SSA 308 Win 168 Grain OTM ( Cosmetic Blem)

    I've run about a hundred rounds through a DPMS AP4 carbine with no issues. Hope you figure it out, cuz I'd really like to get some more.
  9. Griz

    Any Hams out there?

  10. Griz

    Any Hams out there?

    Here is the official examination information from ARRL. http://www.arrl.org/getting-licensed There is no longer any morse code requirement for any class of operator. Practice exams: http://www.eham.net/exams/ http://aa9pw.com/2008/05/15/new-extra-class-ham-radio-license-question-pool-online-at-aa9pwcom/
  11. Griz

    Heavy Buffers

    might end up with a single-shot, recoil less.
  12. Griz

    New Ban on M855

    yeah, one more won't hurt, i suppose.
  13. Griz

    2014 Missouri Deer Season

    They've been fairly thick in Jefferson county. The new Hwy 21, 4-lane, is blood alley. New carcass almost every day. I've seen more on my property this year than the the past 4 combined. Good luck on your hunt!
  14. In other supposed "conservative" forums, I've seen posters vilified for doing things like this. Thank you for being a responsible human being.
  15. I'd say that figures. Every time I buy something it WILL go on sale within a few months.