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    Humboldt County./No.Cal
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    Reloading,metal detecting, hunting,, fishing..

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  1. Hey Murch.. welcome to a great blog..it'll come in handy with your rifle building..hope to see you on here often .. Californians are rare here..I'm from up Humboldt County in redwoods
  2. Thanks for the heads up 98..Glad it got a thumbs up from you..liked it alot .. mostly cuz the dot was very small..don't know wat moa it is but it's waay smaller than the one I'm using..I just started predator hunting at night an bot a cheaper illuminated one, since the reflex only works daytime..but proly guna go with a scope mostly,since trying these dots are cool,for close...but I need sum crosshairs..any thoughts on a illuminated scope? Or on a better long sight for me?..
  3. Wow 98.. why yes it is....that's quite the eye for detail..you've earned sum respect from this guy...ya must be pretty familiar with all thangs guns..had to check it out myself...thought it just stamped.. Trij Reflex #15...but then there it is...A.R.M.S. on far right..so it's not Trijicon mount?..if not...what you think of it an what do ya say this "thing"..lol..is worth?..thx for yer time
  4. Gotta Trijicon Reflex 2 that's got the adjustable filter and a Trijicon quick release mount..The thang is built like a tank an works great..Would love to sell or better yet, trade for some other goodie..All trades an offers welcome ..let's see whatcha got...
  5. Looks like a badass dude that might have done sum templetappin...glad to support his product..his gear is squared away....thx again
  6. Sketch...Thats is the way to have a fellow gunnys six..thx!..u da man!...soooo getting me one o thoes slings...been fricken fightin with the stock Sig strap..twas a joke..thought if I cud get it up on my chest it would be better..but a single point is just too floppy for such a pig of a pipe..thx again for solid advice...be postin my pic of my hog with it's new harness soon..thos babies are spendy..so it might be a check er two..But thos are definitely the answer .you musta been there,done that..lol
  7. Lol..naw..but I would if I though it would tighten up those groups..in the pic yer seeing my single point bungee sling thats not much help...honestly this rifle is a sweat hog..bet it weighs close to 20lbs loaded..gonna hire a young blonde chick to pack around for me
  8. Here's a pic of my 100yrd group of sum 168gr hpbt Matchkings... Tried the same in 110gr, but she seems to prefer the heavier bullets.. although the 3" group is not stellar..I was using a red dot with 5mil dot ...
  9. My Lord... I'd suck a fart outta her ass.. love to seat my hollow point in her case
  10. What do you get when you have all the women in No.Calif in one room...? A full set of teeth... That bad?..know the difference in a bowling ball and a No.Cal girl?... You can only fit 3 fingers in a bowling ball
  11. Hey JmcDaniel.. Welcome to forum an everything AR-10 ..Hope all's well with yer new shooter and best wishes from the State of Humboldt, No.Calif.
  12. Welcome Larry Q... you've found the best forum ever..us Californians love our Okie brothers back east..both my parents were born there...one from Ada an the other from Albion..came to Cal in '20's just like the grapes of wrath.. That sure is a nice build there brother..wish we had gun laws that allow suppressors..
  13. Boot..newby on forum but oldie on bench..what would be yer favorite recipe for a 180gr soft nose shot from a Sig Sauer with a 1n10 twist?..guna try to pick the brain of a primerhead that sound pretty fricken wise at the press
  14. Truly a honor to get a warm welcome from fellow shootist at this level of smithing craft..if ya haven't noticed primerheads are a breed apart ..I think it might be that we always want better perfection in our craft an those that always want perfect tend to buttheads on occasion..but I think that also it fowards the advancement of all..if you think about it,most of our skills have been taught,then taken into our own and become part of who we are, an that is a true art..enough blabbin.. hope you folks keep talking the talk , cuz one feller is listening..oh yeah..not all Californicaters are crazy,it's just the ones who think they're not..besides, I live in the State of Humboldt..folks tend to live lil different here than city folk..just ask promo director RoboCop on thread and he'll vouch fer that...but we are all gun luvin Americans that just might hafta come together soon..
  15. Wifey on my 50th birthday..saw me dance naked an said I needed a bigger gun.. wooohooo, been workin on it since..plus who doesn't want bigger ?and in some minds, better?..
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