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Belt Fed

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  1. WOW, Dudes lucky to be alive. i wonder if he lost that eye.
  2. LOL, yep, the regular 30 round stick mags for them are almost as expensive as the drum.
  3. Very sorry to hear, Prayers sent.
  4. Yup, he said it and didn't bat an eye as he typed it
  5. I'm so gonna have to have one when they get out. PMAG D-50® MP – HK94/MP5® (magpul.com)
  6. I tell ya, it's abuse of elderly citizens. they should be ashamed.
  7. No pistols drawn but i will have a 20 round mag full. I didn't even get to go this year.☹️
  8. That doe in rut lure smells horrible, that sucker has no smell if he put that crap on him. ain't a buck in the woods would make me put that stinkin stuff on me.
  9. What about a hog, the damn things don't wanna die.
  10. The truth right there, Guy across the road from me got covid and he has had all 3 shots, so did his daughter and son in law and 2 grandchildren and all of them are fully vaxxed.
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