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  1. Thanks guys. A few things. We have moved to a new more powerful server. Lots of cpu cores, memory and SSD's. It was a bit of a rough start but we are still tweaking. There is also a forum update to apply soon that should address some of these bugs. If not Jason is also working on a list of issues and improvements. He is working to make our own skin similarly colored to the old site. He also also working out customizing the mobile experience. We were hoping ipb would address it officially because the new version is universally hated. There is also a possible plugin available. Unfortunately though Jason comes at an hourly rate which while an outstanding value for his skill set I just cant say do everything at once. Jason first priority is getting everything on the server set as well as the above items. Lastly since august the server has been seeing an unprecedented amount of bad traffic, essentially denial of service type stuff. We have blocked many countries but quite a bit is domestic. Anyhow keep the issues coming and we will pick away at it. Thanks for your patience
  2. Tom mentioned that when attaching picture to a reply those same pictures will also attach to replies to other topics. Is everyone experiencing this? Is there any other oddities in the process?
  3. Hey guys is this still an issue? Can you guys provide specific details
  4. Tom sure is diverse. Gotta love a guy who can listen to Abba and Slipnot
  5. I posted elsewhere but Ill repeat. The old forum required two different themes. One for desktop and one for mobile. This version is whats called "responsive". This means it uses the same theme but reconfigures based upon device. Im hoping we gain more control either through updates or 3rd party theme.
  6. A few things, again we cant do much about the colors. Software is too new and the updates from Invision are pretty frequent as they address issues. The old version used two separate templates. One for mobile, one for desktop. This version uses a responsive theme. That means it automatically adjusts based on the device you are visiting with. While there are things we could do to make things different those "things" could be wiped out by an update two minutes later. So the appearance stuff we are going to have to ride out for a while so the third party folks can catch up and keep up. Signatures and emoticons, we will get to that it's just not at the top of the list. Speed issues will be addressed as well but that going to be a separate project for Jason. His priority is to fix severely broken shit here and convert tactical22 from SMF to IPB at its new location rimfireworld.com It's important to note this change was not an easy decision. Im not a fan of being an early adopter with this stuff but we had to address security first and foremost and the IPB folks would not support the old software in the same manner they support this new version. We also did not need to spend the money at a time when things are not good in the industry. I was backed against the wall with no choice. You guys can feel free to keep an eye out for Invision Power Board themes and skins. It must be for version 4.X.X and not 3.X.X Thanks for the help patience and helping of each other. We will get here.
  7. Can you please explain in more detail. Im also not sure what you mean by "it"
  8. imschur


    Why do I think Im going to eat those words
  9. Unfortunately I have ZERO experience with the mobile them but that theme was the default for the forum and not custom. So we are at the current defaults. We will need to look and see what options are available. The software creators are currently getting pummeled for the release. I expect just as we get used to stuff it will change with updates. We have learned too that sometimes things are hiding in plain site by clicking arrows and such. Its almost like a puzzle. The colors will stay for a while. No choice. Actually theres science behind it. Look at Facebook, Twitter, Wlmart and many big sites. Blue and white rules. We will tweak stuff but not too much until the software matures more. Pictures sounds like a setting Ill add this all to the list. Thanks guys
  10. I think the previous theme created that "My Content" behavior. We will look into it though.
  11. Signatures can be disabled per topic. I did that on this one. If they arent visible elsewhere that is unintentional. Caching of the old site would definitely mess with your initial experience.
  12. Colors wont change for a while. The forum software is too new and was not such a smooth release. Make no mistake, the person helping me "Jason" is invaluable. To give you all an idea how rocky this release was give this a read. That is the group who created the turkey turd theme. They began the upgrade process long before us and they are still not back.
  13. Warnings, that was unexpected. Maybe we can fix that. Mine are gone too. Desktop button...yes I think that was a setting, Im sure thats fixable. Speed....others experiencing that as well? Tom your reasons for going off are always valid. Just ask the little voices in your head. Did you really have that many warnings? You do know that after warning 10,606.891 we switch to the selfie system. What is the selfie system? Glad you asked. When your bad I will text you nude selfies from my neck to my knees. I don't manscape.
  14. Some of that is not the function of the forum but a server thing. 2mb is typical. That said there is a pretty easy way around that from the main site. Ask again when the dust settles because with have a few good things going on or planned. Do you have my email address?
  15. Use this topic to help each other figure out how to do stuff after the upgrade to IPB4.
  16. Post bugs and issues Missing warnings - Gone forever, start overSpeed - FixedDesktop button on the mobile screen - Out of our control at the moment."Is there no way now to find the list previously entitled "My Content""Emojis missingAttachments not visible or missingNavigation items in both templates - Out of our control. Forum is a single template for mobile and desktopConvince 98Z5V to shave his chest - Waiting on Tom to purchase baby oil(98Z5V)One thing I noticed - posting pics into a reply. Later, make another reply to something completely different, and it automatically attached the same pic onto that new reply, from a previous, unrelated post. I had to go back in there and edit it out. Working from a desktop.It did that 3 different times, so it's a glitch in the software somewhere...Pictures posting too large - resizedContent being quoted without choosing to quote.Signatures - Currently disabled
  17. We never came up with any good post count titles. If you guys hand me a list of titles that are safe to view publicly Ill make it happen. Every time I try my mind comes up with sexual references. Virgin, Sticking it in a little, Manscapes Tom..etc
  18. Shepp I too was in tears today
  19. My favorite story. On Tactical22 I run some Google ads. One day I get a message from Ernie. He's a little shocked Im running ads for an escort service. I carefully explain to him that Google shows him ads based on his browsing history. Ernies reply "Damn Stu must have used my computer again"
  20. 8 years ago years two strangers, FS2KSTD and Microgunner over on the FNF Forum sorta of adopted me. They got me up to speed with firearms as I was off about a 12 year absence. Each played a different role. Both were enablers. The subject of this post Microgunner/Ernie knew a lot about firearms, a real lot but without a doubt his specialty and first love was the .22. Im sure he owned every .22 ever made at least twice. (he never gave his wives a second chance) Anyhow Ernie and I developed an awesome and expensive relationship. Ernie worked at a very busy pawn shop that saw a lot of guns. Occasionally Ernie would email me and give me the option to buy a special piece so he wouldn't have to. Eventually to speed up the process I mailed him signed, blank personal checks to keep in the pawn shop safe. It was a perfect relationship. Ernie also had a knack for getting me anything I wanted even the nearly impossible. My favorite was mentioning I wanted a Belgian High power. Within days I had a perfect specimen in hand. Today as I write this I now wonder if this wasn't out of his own collection. Then there was Ernie the person. The more I got to know him the more I liked him. He had an awesome witt and never missed an opportunity to use it. Ernie was the kind of guy who's post you never want to miss. Ernie loved his animals and hated his smart phone. Ernie would do anything for anyone he liked. When my niece moved to Florida he was her backup and escape if the shit hit the fan and she needed a place to go. Ernie once hinted that next to his tv was a .22 bullet trap. That was Ernie Sure wish we got to speak one more time
  21. apparently Unforgiven and 98Z5V overloaded the system
  22. It was a crashed db table. PM system is working.
  23. It should be fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday. It opened Pandora's box.
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