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Everything posted by imschur

  1. imschur

    My XDs 45

    Mostly ditched the S&W 642 as a pocket carry. This is how I roll these days. I carry the Glock as much as possible but bought the XDs on Tom's suggestion for being most resistant to the elements of my outdoor activities.
  2. imschur

    KIDD 1022

    Those of you that dont use Instagram or FB probably have not seen this complete. Zero Ruger parts on board You can see the pieces and parts here
  3. It is! thats just the begining...I have another MDT build in the works, different chassis and a 22-250. MDT also sent me FDE side panels. http://modularrifle.com/modular-driven-technologies-mdt-hs3-chassis-black/
  4. Awesome man! One of those guys in my pic is a rescue. We actually rescue cats as a side thing. Odin was the only cat we ever picked
  5. Actually $16.90. Man things sure have changed with magazine availability. I remember spending $42 for DPMS magazines back in the day http://www.brownells.com/aspx/general/daily_deals.aspx?sku=231000326
  6. http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/stock-parts/buttstocks/308-ar-prs-buttstock-kits-prod72284.aspx The 308AR PRS buttstock kit includes the following items: Buttstock extension tube308 buttstock buffer spring308 buffer body assembly
  7. Remington sells that configuration, it's their Tactical 700. I believe the barrel is 2" longer though. If you follow the link in my first post you'll see my base rifle and the chassis parts. It's .308...of course.
  8. While I was at Cabelas there were three of us looking at the rifle. I think they hit a sweet spot for something cool and that shoots well. I think we will see more of these types of rifles. They are very appealing to folks behind enemy lines or just looking for something different. Long ago I had a discussion with Armalite that if they made the AR-30 a little sexier it might gain more interest from passersby
  9. We are at whatever the software defaults are. The old default might have been higher
  10. Yes we discourage eating....cat
  11. Ill do a screen capture tomorrow and start a new thread. You cant create when your box is full. I just went through that last week myself
  12. Super intelliigent and very dog like. These guys are chocolate Ocicats. There is all kinds of colors...and flavors
  13. "Leave Conversation" in the upper right from an open message deletes a message
  14. These guys were behind it
  15. Have not shot it yet. Waiting for the scope thats going to live on it. This Leupold was borrowed off another rifle for photographic purposes. Bass pro has my 6 payment plan Vortex on backorder
  16. Quietly assembled this over the summer. Folks at MDT are outstanding to work with. Details here
  17. Cabelas here had them when I was there two weeks ago http://bit.ly/1PbgPDk
  18. Hey guys , we have quietly reinvented the .22 site. New name, new domain, new direction rimfireworld and the forum at http://forum.rimfireworld.com Check it out. My friend Techmike is leading a small core group of great guys.
  19. We...as in Rob is testing out various forum functions
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