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Everything posted by imschur

  1. Well the Realtor told us to RUN from that property at all costs. We did Connecticut is just so damned expensive . We were trying to stay $200k and under. Just doesnt seem realistic. $225-$240 appears to be the conclusion my girl needs to arrive at if she wants anything 3/4 acre or more. Im under the gun to find a place and she doesnt want to be more than 10 minutes from her 80 year old parents. Im starting to feel I will be homeless soon.
  2. I tried many times to get them on board here. Totally unresponsive. So if you choose their Amazon store instead you actually support this site.
  3. Thanks...man Im learning good stuff from you guys
  4. Thanks guys. I thought it looked pretty unlived in too. I researched the "foreclosure estimate" thing. Basically regardless of the amount it means the homeowners are behind. Right if they cant pay the mortgage they certainly are not maintaining the place. The yard was actually very nice as was the exterior.
  5. So we are new to looking for houses. Meeting with a mortgage broker and Realtor later this week. We dont have much money but Im pretty skilled so Im not afraid of a house that needs interior work. Anyhow my girl finds this house that a little too cheap for the area. There are terms Im not sure how to interpret "foreclosure est $267k"This home is in need of renovation and will probably need a cash offer or 203K rehab loan. Other Raised Ranches in town are listed at much higher prices.What do those things mean? I can imagine everything is original (roof, hvac, floors, walls etc) and tired but what else?
  6. can you please provide a few links and save me from hunting around
  7. Sounds like you need these https://armalite.com/product-category/accessories/magazines/ar-10b/
  8. Unfortunately it's way more than notifying search engines. I suppose if it's for local and word of mouth maybe it doesn't matter though. April 17 2016 the desired domain expires. You can hope it expires and maybe you can own it by late summer. I dont mind answering some questions but please email me dont PM. PM's are reserved for hate mail
  9. looks great! I looked at your source code. I dont see any Google Analytics. If you haven't already setup a Google Webmaster account you should do this and all that goes with it. Without satisfying Googles most basic requirements youll be peeing in the ocean. It's also a good idea to measure the sites performance and fix the easy stuff but don't become obsessed. https://gtmetrix.com/reports/tacticalpolicesupply.vpweb.com https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftacticalpolicesupply.vpweb.com Understand too that competition is fierce with the big names throwing a ton of money at SEO, not to mention paying Google for improved search rankings. So a basic understanding of SEO and the competition is a must. The vpweb in your domain gives the impression you are a subdomain of a bigger site. That might have an effect on traffic too.
  10. I could never part with my old 1992 Colt Sporter
  11. True! I was speaking generally quality and not exact specifications.
  12. Personally I enjoy the fact that we have so many options. Back in 2008 there was a reason DPMS could get $40-$50 per mag. No competition.
  13. My most frequent shop makes folks start over for any mistakes. He s even anal that sales receipts are perfect.
  14. Ill be comparing it to some pricey Leupolds
  15. Regarding scopes...I have one of these inbound :)
  16. Can I use this on the main site as a member project build?
  17. what i saw on tv said that the perp actually checked the box stating he was buying the gun for someone else...then changed his answer. We will never be privy to the "facts".
  18. imschur

    KIDD 1022

    I went with a Leupold 4x fixed rimfire scope on this. On the low end Leupold is 2x7 and if you can dig a little deeper this 3x9x33 looks promising.
  19. imschur

    KIDD 1022

    Chargers are considered "evil" here in the peoples republic of CT. My TAC21 is a bad ass pistol without its stock :)
  20. imschur

    KIDD 1022

    Nah that still waiting for an idea
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