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Everything posted by imschur

  1. I miss you guys lol. I have a few hospital stories to share after I fix this shit here. Tom has no idea how close I am to moving in and living on his couch. NO IDEA.
  2. They are going to make me upgrade to the current version. I have some homework to do before I pull the trigger. The theme needs to be upgraded as well. Lets hope its still current
  3. I see Tom has accumulated a few warnings :argue: C:-) :banned: <laughs> I was in toys r us tonight. There are these toys called real heroes or something. You can buy add ons of soldiers and guns. I wanna buy a set and put your faces on them
  4. I found something else funky so I submitted a trouble ticket with Invision. They typically respond within a day.
  5. I was on my way to bed btw....I still love you guys, even Tom for putting me in the hospital
  6. Nailed it indeed...Thats frame worthy man...love it!!!!
  7. Thanks guys! These pictures are not me but it is EXACTLY like what I have
  8. So a few weeks back I mentioned all the shit was almost behind me. I must have smiled too much. End of August father in law gets a brain infection for his 81st birthday. Not a huge impact on me but the old lady is a nervous wreck and her vehicle is in constant motion. Toby is really winding down despite our best efforts but the real kicker is this. When I was 15 I was diagnosed with a tumor on my spine. This tumor caused a scoliosis. No big deal, they ripped the beast out and inserted a harrington rod to straighten my spine. The rod was supposed to be removed but the docs decided my body accepted it so well that they would leave it in. Well my back has bothered me on and off for years but I deal with it. My right leg is sorta numb, and I lose control of both legs every now and then. Well a few weeks my back turned into a raging-fuck pain on 11. Go to my primary he says, another tumor, pin fucked-up or a brand new ailment. Decides to send me to a specialist. As luck would have it, the original installer is still practicing 33 years later. Off i go. He shoots some xrays, pokes and prods. Informs me my spine is in good shape, the rod looks good to. Doesnt think I have a new ailment. Ready for this, I lost so much weight and gained enough muscle that the ends of the rod are dragging across my back muscles. Says to remove it would be risky and probably more painful with possible nasty complications. The solution..take some pain meds for the rest of my life. Something called Ultram... WTF
  9. Ha its even Amazon prime...no brainer. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CAV63QM/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00CAV63QM&linkCode=as2&tag=amzn_tk-20 I use a hydration backpack mostly without the hydration. I like the way it has mesh to keep the backpack off my body http://www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&field-keywords=osprey%20manta&linkCode=ur2&sprefix=osprey%20manta%2Caps%2C173&tag=amzn_tk-20&url=search-alias%3Dsporting
  10. Everything extra is just one more thing to maintain or hack. I used to have chat/shout boxes on other sites. People began asking questions there rather than in the forum for others to benefit. They are fun though
  11. I was going to warn him until I saw Robo did. I love an abuse of power put to good use LMAO
  12. Not sure, working ok for me on my devices. Ill hit google.
  13. If you do not fit in with the spirit of this community and it's members you will be banned without explanation. If you troll or act like a jerk you will be banned without explanation.
  14. http://308ar.com/downloads/308arwallpaper.jpg
  15. Reading this thread reminds me of how much I missed you guys while I have been away slaving for the man... Im all set to Cerakote, just needs to start practicing on machine parts at the day job.
  16. Ive been non stop. I get about 12 miles a night. I think I took three days off in July
  17. For two years I owned both brands, Canon and Nikon and I thought DEAR GOD THIS WILL GET EXPENSIVE
  18. thats sucks indeed. Now I know why my Nikon came factory fitted with a big hunk of plastic over the screen. Does Canon offer a flat fee rebuild, refurb sorta thing?
  19. Here you go http://forum.308ar.com/forum/114-member-builds/
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