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The Paladin

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  1. Welcome from central MO
  2. I understand exactly what you mean... is it better than 4896 or 4064? Honestly, IMO, not really...but I have a few recipes for specific guns I own...and Varget is my go to for my 30.06 hunting loads, amongst a few others.... Expensive purchase, but will last me for a while considering what I am using it for.
  3. Welcome from Central Missouri!
  4. The Paladin

    My first gun

    My first gun was also a Harrington & Richardson junior model single shot, though mine was a 12 ga. I also still have it....it was the first shotgun all of my children fired when they were of age. (which varied on child) It has age on it now, and is well used...though it still gets pulled out occasionally to take a few squirrels...
  5. I just ordered (2) 1lb cans of Varget directly from Hodgdon on their website. They limit your order to a max quantity of (5), but at $63.00 a pound, my budget wont allow a 5lb order anyway...
  6. I think if the NFA went away, I would most likely have a couple of select fire 5.56 and a 9mm subgun of some variety. Beyond that, do not see the benefit outweighing the expense/effort.
  7. Thanks for sharing the story brother… sadly, Stories like this one are becoming more commonplace. Sounds like another prime example of… play stupid games…. Get stupid prizes.
  8. Seconded.... Robert Plant is the man! (though to be fair, not one of his better lives performances)
  9. Roger, I will have questions at some point when I get stumped. Thanks for the welcome! 👍
  10. Greetings all.... I've been lurking in your forum for over a year...diligently planning the impending purchase(s) of my first (and subsequent) AR platform builds/purchases. (I am experienced with the AR-15 platform, and am preparing to pony up for a .308 build) Personally, I am married with kids...working on retiring from my second career. (and maybe actually retiring this time...we shall see) Still uncertain if central Missouri is going to be where I land for my eventual retirement, but it is a great place to contemplate while I decide. I am here to learn from the members here...and maybe share a little I have learned. I like what I have perused here over the last year(ish) and look forward to participating.
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