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  1. I'm thinking about trying to go with a lighter trigger once I get an Enidine recoil buffer, right now I wouldn't risk it, it's light enough @ 3 lbs with no creep, but so far no issues. (It's the JP adjustable BTW)
  2. Well, it looks like brighter days are coming! I talked to a gentleman with a private range this evening (50 yards) and he told me I could shoot in the evenings if I want to, just call first... and then another fella told me that his neighbor has a 100 yard range and wants to set up a 200 yard berm and that he would be extremely likely to let me shoot and work for permission to shoot anytime. <thumbsup> So today turned out to be a really good day for my shooting possibilities, I may soon have a 200 yard range to shoot @ free of charge. Score another one for responsible gun owners!!!
  3. Ditto what 'Drew mentioned on the lube. I had my first failure-to-feeds on the range yesterday, and it only happened twice before I broke out the Rem-Oil and cured the problem by running slightly wet... I went through another 30 rounds after that with no problems whatsoever. Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay. There are a lot of good people here, relax and post up some pics!!
  4. Yay, had another range day today. Some pics & more details will come later, but I gotta say, I'm beginning to live for Saturdays!!! <thumbsup>
  5. Wow, you are so thoughtful and selfless. LOL
  6. They feel hard to the touch, but if you bite them they flatten immediately. They're definitely less hard than dried beans, which is what some others have used quite successfully.
  7. I agree. At only 26, I've been married since I was 22, raising a family with a wife that only death could part me with, I work hard to maintain my family's well being and to keep a job and be a responsible american citizen. What sucks is the inescapable feeling that I'm part of a dying breed of people that will be overrun by a bunch of liberal drug-heads that see the US Government as their sugar-daddy. I bet the fine fellows who wrote our constitution have spent the better part of this nation's last 50 years rolling over in their graves...
  8. Well, if the local farms & such were largely owned by old-timers still, it wouldn't be so problematic. The deal is that a younger generation owns a lot of the land around here, and the 'guns are bad' attitude is way more prevalent than suits my liking.
  9. Nice! Speaking of grips, I've found another item for my wish list!
  10. I'm counting the hours till Saturday and I can go back to the range. I've been putting some ideas together for a sandbag rest for my stock, using PE plastic beads instead of sand or something equally heavy. I found a bunch of sites where guys had successfully put them together with beans or rice, and I figured plastic pellets would never decay or be affected by moisture. Since I have access to more plastic beads than you can possibly imagine, this means I could manufacture several rests for myself in a nice variety of sizes. I think I'll post some pics once I have built and tested a couple...
  11. I have a Mueller [url=http://www.muelleroptics.com/products/MT852544.html] 8.5-25
  12. I tell you sir, I have the utmost respect for active duty and ex-military for their service, and you have my thanks. WW2 was your war if you needed the services of a pack-mule... from the little I know about Vietnam ( I'm guessing that was your war, based on carrying the M60 ) all the mules were decommissioned and the jackasses were all in high command.
  13. Sign up for a free account over @ Photobucket, and then you can show images inline via ['img'] ['/img'] tags.
  14. Be careful my friend, I bought a gun for my wife once and she waited until after she'd loaded it to let me know she didn't like my taste in presents. Needless to say, she got what she REALLY wanted. On the PRS, I'd love to do it but right now the $30 I can get the extension kit for far outweighs the hundreds that the PRS will cost me. Optimally, I'd be putting a CAA Sniper Stock w/ monopod on it, but right now that's just a dream. I can't help but wonder how the extension kit will affect my recoil spring setup.... Oh, on further review, it appears theres just a spacer that drops into the tube and then the spring sits in front of it. Pics here.
  15. Lanky is the very word, LOL Right at 6' tall, 155 lbs soaking wet, skinny as a rail. I eat like a horse and my friggin overdriven metabolism just shucks it away like it never happened... it's pitiful.
  16. I've had a .308 barrel wrench on order from DPMS for a while now but they were backlogged big time. I was notified today that they were in stock again and would be shipped sometime this week. Rather than pay the cost of a new stock ( i don't like how short the A2 is) I decided to buy a 1" stock extension kit from them. I also asked them just to ship it with my old order, and asked to maybe get a freebie ball-cap outta the deal as well. We'll see how it turns out...
  17. Thanks for helping me gain some perspective. :) That is a 2 x 2 diamond and I am only 60 rounds into my break-in. Having benefitted a lot from just calming down and examining my shooting objectively, I'm pretty sure that my shooting will tighten up a lot with better breathing control, getting my eye relief set to my natural cheek rest, and focusing on more consistent trigger pull ( I'm bad to jerk). I had enough 1-hole groups in the preceeding 40 rounds to this target to convince me that the rifle will put them where I want them if I do things correctly. I was very excited, nervous, anxious (cagey range officer) and a little bit pressed for time. I admit that I harbored fond hopes of 1-hole groups throughout the shoot, and that's unrealistic period. I will purchase some match ammo right away once I've completed break-in. I simply purchased 200 rounds of warranty-friendly ammo for the break-in so I could get it over with and start figuring out what the gun really likes. Research online had shown that from 100-500 yds the gun seems to favor 168gr rounds, and since the bulk ammo matched that specification, I figured on reasonable accuracy from it once the barrel settled in. The gun really amazed me, I simply had my reticle squared, didn't get to bore-sight it, and yet my first shot was on paper at about 6" high and left. The high didn't really suprise me, given that my scope mount has 10MOA built into it, and the windage difference was easy to fix. At about 25 rounds into break-in the AR was hitting at POA (take into consideration I was not breathing right, jerking, etc) and the ugly target was all down to me. It was a really fun range day overall, the weather was beautiful, the breeze was VERY light, and it was sunny with a little cloud cover. There were some really nice high points to the day too, like where an ex-mil dude came walking onto the firing line with a real-life SOPMOD SPR (complete w/ suppressor ;D ) and we got to chitchat for a bit. When asked how he managed to haul it away without getting busted, he simply grinned and said "I knew some people!"... LOL
  18. Don't feel too bad. Three weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you ;)
  19. The range officer was sorta cagey so I didn't ask about shooting prone... This is shooting from a bench with just the bipod. The ammunition is Winchester remanufactured soft-tip in 168 grain. You can see pictures and buy it here. Edit: Link fixed. Sorry about that fellas.
  20. That would be 'Lower Parts Kit' if I'm not mistaken :)
  21. Well, I just got done with a thorough gun cleaning session. It's amazing how easily this gun comes apart and goes back together, I didn't even have to consult the manual :P
  22. Yeah, I ordered my standard break-in ammo from Cabela's, they ship very quickly. I think I will order a box and try it out next Saturday at the range.
  23. Hmmm, I may look into getting a box of this stuff. Might help speed the break-in process!
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