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I don't want a turkey......


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I thought that was appropriate since it is thanksgiving time. It is more expensive than an AR15 and I don't want to do what I did with the ARs. I asked and everybody has what they like. I had to find out for myself and it was costly to do that. So many grips, handguards, barrels, rails and so on.


I have been reading so much about the .308 DPMS pattern AR. That seems like the best way to go for a .308 AR. So now that I have some information it's time to get it more specific. I didn't want to break the bank, I don't hunt and I don't have any realistic scenarios to use the rifle except for the range.


I think everybody should have a rifle, I just do not consider rifles with small or intermediate cartridges as a true American rifle. I always thought of the M1 Garand as "the American battle rifle." But the AR platform is by leaps and bounds the most modular design out there. I am very happy with the ones I own and am used to the design since I first used it 30+ years ago. 


I see some blemished DPMS low rail uppers for sale, are they any good? Its it just aesthetics or do they have issues? I have used BCM & PSA blem M4 uppers with great results. Should I upgrade to a 7075 or billet, buy a matched set? If so who makes the best for price DPMS low pattern? Or should I just stay with a DPMS set and BCG?


As for BCGs, is the DPMS standard one OK? Is there a specific extension tube to use or can I use an AR15 mil-spec tube?


I plan on using a Troy rail, they seem to be the best for price and I am familiar with them. I also plan on using a mid-length 16" barrel with either a BCM muzzle device for some braking effect and flash mitigation or a Smith Vortex/AAC type.


What's a good barrel for it. I would like a CHF chrome lined one but I do not see any. They seem to either be 416 SS or 4140 with nitriding or bare. Would the Bushmaster chrome lined barrel be good? Is it even available? So some recommendation on the barrel would help.


I'm looking at this gun as being a basic rifle. Not too heavy, not too long and that is somewhat accurate. I'm not a hunter or sniper/marksmen so shooting, just a range warrior. I'm not sure exactly what to expect accuracy wise from a rifle like this.


I like the Bushmaster XM-10, it's more like a military battle rifle. But I don't want to shell out $1100+ and start changing things to add another $500+. I might as well assemble it from parts and buy the right thing once. From having a few ARs I have tried just about everything and know what I like.


I am approaching this as being a bigger AR15, which basically that's what it seems to be. Thanks.....

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 It will always be less expensive to buy a complete rifle then build one , but if not satisfied with what the manufacturers build , building one is the way to go if you want to make it , your way.


  Plenty of threads on this in the "Technical section"  section on the information you are looking for. 

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I see the stuff in the tech thread and have been reading it. Way too much information to shift through to get definitive answers on some things.


What's the saying buy once cry once. I have wasted enough money trying different grips & handguards. I now know what works for me. I just do not want to buy a $1000 gun and start replacing parts on it. By the time I'm done I could have built one and bought another pistol or ammo with the money.


So basically it's about a barrel, BCG and receivers. I know what works with an AR15, does it apply to a .308 version?


Plus there are new things coming out for the .308 all the time. What was a year or two ago is not anymore. I'm glad I saw the thread about PSA< I almost pulled the trigger on some of their stuff. I had good luck with their 5.56 stuff as long as it was mil-specish. PTAC or anything other than that I wouldn't touch. I did get a nickel boron M16 BCG that looks good, I have to shoot it in a week or two.


Does anybody make a CHF chrome lined barrel or is that a bit too expensive for a company and they might as well go 416R SS? Does anybody make a 410? The idea of a .308 with a 4140 barrel with no lining doesn't do it for me. That would be the first part I would replace, at least nitride barrels IMO is necessary.


Thanks for the relies.

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Does anybody make a CHF chrome lined barrel or is that a bit too expensive for a company and they might as well go 416R SS? Does anybody make a 410? The idea of a .308 with a 4140 barrel with no lining doesn't do it for me. That would be the first part I would replace, at least nitride barrels IMO is necessary.


Thanks for the replies.


May I ask why a 4140 barrel with no liner won't do? How many rounds do you shoot through in a year?

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Well it's more about passing down the rifle and having it last. I may shoot it a lot, I may not. In the warmer weather which in central Texas is most of the year I shoot a lot. It also depends on ammo prices too. I must have shot almost a 1000 rounds through one AR is a very short period of time just getting it to work right and test different ammo types & muzzle devices, like a few range sessions. Andrew Tuoy did a great ammo test with ARs and it was interesting to see how fast barrels can wear out or performance degrade.


I just figure go with a quality barrel and you will have a better chance of getting a good one that will perform and last. For a few bucks why get a headache?


Plus with the way things have been I'm not so sure ammo issues will not rear their ugly head again. So we may be stuck with using ammo from any source we can find. Again I think a good barrel with a chrome lining will be more resistant to erosion and wear.

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  Here's an 18 "  & I have two of their barrels & both shoot much better than me .( of course )http://www.fulton-armory.com/barrelfatitan185lwcm1x10750gasblockchrome-lined.aspx


 I will recommend that you buy the Upper & Lower as a set by the same manufacturer , just to make sure there is no Tolerance stacking between the two .

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Thanks, I was thinking just a good old DPMS set. Same for the bolt. I think because of the differences that's important to keep them all from the same place.


So the Fulton stuff is DPMS, duh it says it right on top. I saw them but they don't make a 16". So many companies I forget which one is which.


I'm getting it all together slowly. I'd really like to just buy one and be done with it but it doesn't seem to work that way. Write down the cost of the rifle and then all the parts to make it work the way you want to and my head spins. It's so much easier to buy a few pieces at a time and get the rifle you want. I have done that with most of my AR15s except for the DDM4V5.


I'm trying to find someone who sells the Bushmaster barrel but I cannot. I know their stuff isn't the greatest. It's so easy with the AR15 so many barrels....


I'm hoping as time goes by more and more companies come out with .308 stuff. That's why I'm making this a long term project.


I'm getting a hold of a plan now. It has to be open ended until I see what comes out. Many people are getting the itch for an AR in .308 as well as pistol cartridges due to the SIG Brace.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks 1legdown, appreciate the information, that's why I came here.


It's hard for me to lay down that kind of money at one time. Every time I start saving I see something or something happens and the money is gone. A month ago it was a set of tires for the truck, that I needed. A few minutes ago I got a S&W M&P 40 for less than $300 shipped on Gunbroker, that I wanted. 2 months ago I went into the donut hole on my Medicare medication so that took a chunk of change for the rest of the year. I'm retired and have medical issues, thank goodness for shooting or I would have lost my mind.


It's easier to buy a few parts at a time of the things I like for the gun, like a set of receivers first, then a BCG, a barrel and so on. I'm thinking by the end of next year I might have enough to just buy a Bushmaster XM-10 MOE. It has the chrome lined barrel and mid-length gas system and is DPMS based.


I'll keep watching how everything unfolds with the .308 AR and what is being offered. When I see things on Palmetto State I'm so tempted but I have read some bad things about their .308 stuff. I do have some PSA ARs, FN barrels are great and receivers/BCGs are fine, I was surprised and disappointed at the .308 stuff not being up to par.


It's a one and done thing with this gun. I'm not collecting them so I want to make it count. I just hope they don't start multiplying.

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I bought a LR308 DPMS for 965.00 added 600 in addons total 1550.00 shoots sub MOA and is really good out to 450 yards that is as far as I have worked up the dope on it , dropped a elk this years one shot 304 yards what else could I need??????? it works and did not break the bank...



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I just bought a new in the box DPMS LR308 for less than $900, added a new Bushnell scope and mounts and out the door for  $1100. I am a retired gunsmith and I am satisfied with the rifle and scope. I added a Uncle Mike detatchable front sling swivel. Don't really like the Burris high mounts, It makes the scope ride 3" above the bore. You will also need a laser cartridge type of boresighter or do it the old way of looking thru the bore.I have a Weaver sight and low mounts I took off my custom 1903 .3006 Springfield deer rifle. I always go low power scopes unless It is a 500 Yard rifle. The Bushnell is a 1X4 variable and the Weaver is a 2.5X. Only after having 70 year old eyes have I even went to a scope only because of eyeball focusing problems.

I am kind of used to shooting milatary rifles right out of the unit armory.


First learn to shoot before you start trying to use the rifle as an excuse for poor marksmanship.  Just MHO.

What really pee-od me was a gun store wanting $35.99 for a aerosol can of Remington Action Cleaner. I'll just use WD40, Hoppes#9 a good brush and elbow grease. That has always worked in the last 50 years!


If I don't see you for a while...MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.

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