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300 Blackout Handloads


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By Survivalshop

Posted 06 November 2013 - 06:48 PM

16.6 grs. of H110 , with the 150 SP. avg. Vol. 1900 fps & I don't think it is a compressed load ,but close .

19 grs. of H110 , with the 150 SP. didn't get much more out of this cartridge , avg. Vol. 1974 fps., no idea why .

19 grs. of H110 with a Barnes 110 gr. TSX bullet , shot real nice groups , Avg. Vol. 2341 fps, ES - 24 fps , SD - 9 fps.

I seated the 150 gr. SP up to the crimp grove ,but no crimp . I now have a Lee Factory Crimp Die for the BLK ,but have not tried it yet .I have about a hundred cases ready to trim , but will wait till I get back from my extended hunt camp this year , I retire on the 22nd of Nov..

I also use WW296 which is the same as H110

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More by SS

Posted 28 May 2013 - 04:27 PM

Made & Chronograph'ed some loads & some surprises.

110 gr. Sierra HP ( Varmint bullets )

19 grs. H110 powder

Avg. Vol. --2280 fps

ES----------82 fps

SD----------24 fps

110 gr. Barnes TSX

19 grs. H110 powder

Avg. Vol. --2341 fps

ES---------24 fps

SD --------- 9 fps

A Nosler 125 gr. load was compared because I loaded the same powder charge for them , a year ago.

125 gr. Nosler BT

19 grs. H110 powder

Avg. Vol. --2195 fps

ES ---------174 fps

SD --------- 62 fps

Both the 110 gr. loads were well over the stated FPS in the loading data of 2100 fps.

No over pressure signs were evident in the cases or primers .

The Sierra bullets were loaded in RP 300BLK cases & the Barnes bullets were loaded in cut down & formed ,LC brass.

The Sierra bullets with there large HP feed for the most part fine , although when double tapping at the end of the testing ,I did have a FTF on the last round .

The Barns bullet shot real nice with the results & @ 100 yards & I want to do more long range testing with this load out to 200 yrds.

Its funny , I know it was only twenty yards for the data from the Chronograph , but I shot ten rounds of each load & it put just a small hole in the target . You would have thought that, one of the loads would have went a stray. I mean I had three different bullets & one was heaver than the other two , go figure.

The Sierra bullets COL can be played with & I will make them longer next loading ( I will see if Sierra has something on there sight ). The Barnes load COL was from Rsilvers (ACC fame )

I will take some photo's of the cartridges for viewing

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My go-to load for this rifle is:


Hornady 150gr FMJBT

16.1 grains H110

Cut down Lake City 5.56 NATO brass

CCI 400 primer

COAL 2.080"

Approx. 1900fps

Running out of Pmags Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 3, or from Lancer L5 AWM mags.


Awesome load with some punch and some speed.

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I was able to chrono my 125 gr 300BLK test loads today, Unfortunately, my hottest load of 21.5 gr of LIL GUN powder behind a Speer 125 gr TNT only gave me a best velocity of 2550 fps. I was hoping to get 2600 fps from it. I see no indications of excess pressure, so I'm thinking about trying another 1/2 grain after I have the barrel melonited. I'm starting to get into compressed load territory here because I can't reduce the seating depth of the bullet any further without having to worry about the rd not being secure in the case. Maybe the melonite process will help the situation a little.

Finally got back out to the range to chrono my 125 gr TNT and SMK test loads.

First off the disclaimer, I consider these to be the max powder loads that will fit in the cases with these bullets, in fact the SMKs were too hot, so I don't recommend that you duplicate them, and if you do it's at your own risk.

The best loads I have are the 125 gr TNT's with 22gr of LIL GUN powder, in new Rem brass loaded to 2.150 COL. with this load I got an average MV of 2612 fps, which easily make major power factor. My loads with 125 gr TNT/22.5 gr of LIL GUN chrono'd at 2700 fps.

Unfortunately, the 125 gr SMKs, due to their longer length, had to be seated deeper into the case in order to fit the Pmags, so with the same powder loads as the TNT's, the SMK's were over pressure and blew out the primers. I strongly advise that you don't try them. All of the loads here are compressed, including the TNT's.

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