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Buget 300 blk build....


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So I have a whole bunch of 30 cal bullets, and a spare upper, so that's excuse enough to build a new AR.

I plan to SBR this and another pistol I built once my trust is finished.

I have an Ares 9" barrel and BCG on the way, it should be here Thursday.

I have a Primary Arms advanced micro dot to put on it, but with the tubular handguard I'll skip back up sights.

The handguard measures 12.5" so depending on the flash hider/brake I'll need to cut it down a little.

The handguard has an anschutz rail, so accessories are gonna suck, so I made a handstop out of a Glock mag floor plate so I don't accidentally stick my hand in front of the barrel.

The only thing I don't have yet is the flash hider, I'm not sure how I want to proceed.

There is a linear aluminum 1"x4.5" that will eliminate the need for modifying the handguard, but it's $45

I can get a Troy Claymore for $55 and I'll have to take about 2" off the handguard.

Someday I want an AAC suppressor, but no time soon, I can get a 51 tooth for under $90, and I'll still have to mod the handguard. Plus I won't have the flash down range like with a linear.

I'm also looking at a krinkov style, the cheap ones are 1 piece aluminum and don't work as well as the heavy (10+oz) 3 piece steel. Anyone tried these? The cheap ones are $25 the expensive around $50.

Any recommendations on the brake/hider?


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I did a 9" rail on the same barrel.  The rail (mounted) is longer than the barrel.  I used the AAC Single Chamber Brake.  It can be a little tough to find, but Midway had it in stock for around $55.


Works like a damn champ.  <thumbsup>











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Ok, more than a little PO'd right now, it took 10 days from the time I placed my Ares Armor order to the time of its arrival, and I was ok with that. (3 days to ship, 7 to arrive, less than a 900 mile trip)

So my barrel, BCG, and gas tube arrive today and I'm getting ready to install it on my upper and I inspect the bore, and there's a lump of something in there. It looks like a lump of coating. I run a brush several times, and it doesn't budge.

So I call customer service and they want to send a return label, have me send it back, and after they receive the return, then send me my replacement.

So if turn-around remains constant I'm looking at 30 days from order placement to final assembly.

I did point this out, and the replacement is being sent WITH the return label, but under threat that I'd be charged for both if the other doesn't arrive.

I know I have heard a lot of good things about them on here, but right now I'm not too terribly happy.

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Hey, what's the bottom of my Sig SP2022 magazine doing at the bottom of your handguard?  <lmao>  <laughs>



It's a Pearce mag extension from a Glock. The handguard has a schuetzen rifle slot and it's not to conducive to modern accessories. So I had to improvise a handstop.

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Shot it this weekend!  put about 100 down the pipe.


I can't stop smiling!


I sighted the red dot high at 25 yrs, and dead on at 25 with the Matech rear at 200.


I eyeballed the front sight mounting just right and only had a little front sight adjustment to get it on.


Once I settle on a load  I plan on a 50 yard zero with the red dot, and I'll see what the matech will do at it's different elevation settings.


 a few chambering problems, in the first 5-10 rounds I contribute to the bolt being super tight in the carrier. a huge slathering of oil and she ran flawless for the rest of the session.


I'll break out the FDE paint this next weekend.

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