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25-45 Sharps Build


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BRO Norguard Billet Upper Receiver 

BRO Billet Lower Receiver

ALG, Forged Carbine Receiver Extension 

Geissele Buffer & Super 42 Braided Buffer Spring

Magpul , MOE SL Buttstock ( Black ) (I had it sitting around )

Magpul MOE Pistol Grip ( Gray ) ( I was going to use all Gray Furniture on this Receiver set , but changed my mind )

 Geissele G2S FCG

D.Wilson Nitrated BCG ( Has the Bio hansard engraved BC , an over run ? what luck )

Strike Ind. , Enhanced Dust cover ( Black ) Multical 

SRC 20"light profile 25-45 Sharps SS Barrel 

YHM Clamp type Gas Block


  Whats on Order ;

ALG Ergonomic Modular Rail  13" ( BLK )  ( this is a Hunting Rifle & it doesn't need all the Tactical rails , they can be added if needed ) I have one of these on my  300 BLK , a 12" on a Mid Gas system  & like it .

Rifle length Gas Tube  ( I just looked & its Back Ordered , will have to order different one from Brownells , I forgot to order the LE Wilson case gage any way , damn !


  What I need , another Tac-ops 1 MechArmor Charging handle , a Scope & Rings , believe it will be a Nikon or Burrus , I like the E1 Recital on the Burrus , but just cross hairs will be fine , just haven't made my mind up yet .





 I checked Head Space with just the Bolt  & .223 Gages & its good to go .


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 Hand Guard & Bullets came in today , but Gas Tube won't be here till Wednesday , just bugs me it was back ordered WTF is another two days before I have a working rifle to test .I add some photo's later , I like this new ALG Hand Guard , just what i wanted for a Hunting rifle .

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I got the Gas Tube yesterday & also the Thread protector & a complete rifle for testing . I just don't like not having my Case Gage to make sure Brass are HS correctly . I never needed one till lately , now I can't live with out checking , my Dummy fed & chambered as said . Will test until it gets in from back order .

 I mistakenly thought the 13" HG would cover the Gas Block , I will order a 15" & use this one for another Upper with mid length Gas System . Kinda looks ok , but any attachment of a Rail , the GB looks like it will interfere .

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5 hours ago, survivalshop said:

  I weighed the Rifle yesterday with mounted Scope & no mag , the weight was close to 8# , a little heavier then I thought it would be . Must be the 20" bbl.

Mine is probably that heavy- or more - with the 18" barrel.  Haven't weighed it yet.  Lemme get to that.

Answer = 8.68 pounds unloaded, 9.50 pounds with a loaded 20-round Gen 2 PMag. 

Edited by 98Z5V
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   I'm going to change some scopes around on some of my rifles & like 98 did , will be swapping the Burris  2x7x35 for a Burris 3x9x40 on the 25-45 rifle , the 2x7 will be going back on one of the 5.56 rifles , the large 6.5x22x50 on my 16" 308 ( which I put on just for testing Hand Loads ) is coming off & going back to Iron's ( MBUS ) only , its the way it was & wanted it from the beginning.

Photo's from the range after tomorrow . 

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 Rifle shot great , no failures of any kind , all test loads locked the Bolt Back . I'll post the same Photo of the Target here as I will in the reloading section . This is with only a light lubing of Components .

 The Geissele Super 42 Spring & Buffer worked great , the rifle has no felt recoil or muzzle climb even with out a Muzzle device of any kind , just a Thread protector . 

  Its funny at the range with all the old guys , we call it old guy Tuesday , they were impressed with this newer Cartridge & we circled around me during testing & were laughing at my fuk'ed up Chrono readings , my Magnitospeed needs some sensitivity adjustments , the 4640 fps it showed a couple times , seemed no one believed it :lmao: The Errors , I believed & after talking to the Magnitospeed people , they say i need to adj. the settings for it to work correctly .

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  • 1 month later...

  After using Rock Set on the Thread Protector , it didn't move for the last testing . The new test loads were in the 2700 fps range & can be seen in the reloading section thread , there was a slight increase in recoil , if you could call it that , but no muzzle rise with no Brake on their Barrel/Caliber , quite surprising . Might have something to do with the Geissele Buffer system .

 Rifle is shooting good , no cleaning or re-lubing , since assembly with the " 98 Special " . I'm going to order another HG just like this one , but in Gray & also get another Stock in Gray . To match the Pistol Grip , of course .:lmao:


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  • 1 month later...

  I ordered this today to swap the Barrel ,BCG  Stock , Lower Parts of the 25-45 Sharps to & also going top use one of the new Tactical Machining 2nd Amendment Lowers for it . I have plans for the BRO Receiver set . . Its a Hunting Rifle type so I figured the Aero FDE upper would look better & I wanted a HG to cover the Gas Block anyway , we will see how she shoots .

 On sale this weekend for $ 189 & free shipping , I just couldn't pass it up ,





Edited by survivalshop
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13 hours ago, survivalshop said:

  My first in FDE , my 16" 308 has FDE stock & Pistol grip , but never went this far, am I doomed :laffs:

I knew I could get ya sooner or later...   Welcome to the brown side, brother...  :lmao:

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 7/29/2017 at 9:31 PM, 98Z5V said:

I knew I could get ya sooner or later...   Welcome to the brown side, brother...  :lmao:

 I now have the 25-45 Sharps converted to mostly FDE , all I need to swap out is the Stock to FDE . It doesn't look bad with the black stock , but the an FDE will look better . Since I now have a FDE Sig P320 , my conversion is complete .:cool:

  Photo's of the improved 25-45 Sharps will come from a range trip tomorrow to test my last test loadings . 

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  • 2 weeks later...





I like the new look , had some issues with the James Madison Tactical Trigger today .Called them up & they are sending me a return label to send it back for adj. & repair . Seems some of the first ones went out not adjusted correctly because of a out of calibration tool ,of some sort .

  The trigger would give double taps & the rest of the time it would not reset the Trigger or it was following the Hammer back , rifle locked back on last round every time . I'm wondering how that might have screwed up a couple of my Chrono results , I will post them any way for your viewing pleasure later .

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2 hours ago, shepp said:

You sure got bit by the fde bug!

 I'm done , I'm cured , all it took was a couple of firearms & I feel so much better now .:laffs:

  Chrono results from today ( 98 ) , only a couple ,  I will decide what load I will set for this rifle after I have looked at all of them. looks like H335 will be the powder , with the Terminator a close second , but that Powder looks too be my new 5.56 Powder , will see when I put it through a couple of 16" bbl's.. 

  Temp. was 93 deg. , Humidity was around 60% , little two no wind , except for the new Fans they put at the shooting benches & I forgot my Rest & rear Bag . I'm also not sure of the Data where the Double fires happened , Trigger was not working correctly , Glad I was only loading three rounds in the mag. I'm putting the G2S back in .

BULLET/CAL.     POWDER      WT.          PRIMER        AVG. VEL.             ES                  SD           

 87 gr. /25-45        H335         27.9 gr.       Rem. BR         2822                 43                     18      Double fire

 90 gr. / 25-45       H335         26.3 gr.        Rem.BR          2696                 26                     13

 90 gr. / 25-45        H335         27.0 gr.       Rem. BR         2760                 25                     13

 90 gr,/ 25-45         Xterm.       25.8 gr.       Rem. BR         2638                 10                       5

 90 gr./ 25-45          Xterm.       26.0 gr.       Rem. BR         2650                 41                      20      Double fire


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