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Please, keep the faith, people...


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  I have a good story , in a way its about Ted , in a way , its really about one of his hats . Many years ago when Ted Nugent was first starting with his hunting shows & songs about hunting , a friend of mine got one of his Hats , the one that was like a Zebra , white with black Zebra stripes going through it , he wore that hat at all the Archery matches we participated in & and always at the week long gun Hunt at the Hunt Camp we where we hunted at a friends property in southern Ohio.

    To Hunt that week , you had to stay the whole week , be it you got a Deer or not , you had to participate in Drives if you got a Deer or stander if you didn't . We always got there the weekend before the opening morning on Monday , so lots of drinking & shooting to sight in . We will cal my friend PP ,( because there is a story behind that also )  PP had the Bunk below me & we all got $hit faced one night & he lost that Ted Nugent Hat, man was he going crazy , he lost his lucky Hat . Well I was making my Bunk up , well just rearanging it , & he must of slid or set that Hat under my pillow .

 Well nice guys that we were , when I told the property owner , he said , lets fuk with PP , well we hatched a plan , we started leaving notes every where , in his bunk , his Shotgun Barrel , even his tree stand , we asked to see naked photos of his wife , his first born , anything that came to mind ,to get the hat Back , he was Ok with it at first , but when he couldn't get a shot at a deer by the middle of the week , the  notes were pissing him off & he was drinking earlier after hunting , making all kinds of threats to anyone who had the hat ,( which made us all laugh harder every time he made threats ) , we finally left the hat in his tree stand before he got into it before first light .

  He was a changed man & shot a nice Buck that very morning , we owned up to the who thing & by the time the first case of beer was gone , he was telling us how much he loved us guy's :lmao: 

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