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Vegas shooter ,anyone else


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In vegas just putting together a 308 from PSA, I have there complete lower  just ordered there complete upper should be here Monday, have the PSA 223 really happy with it ,hope there 308 is as reliable. When I clean and lube it up good, I'll run out to the outside clark County shooting complex and check it out ,I'll  give my report after I get back 

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Although I don't live there anymore, but there is a group of dedicated HP shooters at Boulder City who shoot 200, 300, 600 yds and 800, 900, 1000 yds as well. Not sure what you goal for your rifle is. You should check out their web site and check out there programs. They have hanging metal plates out to 900 yds as well.  Take care

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1 hour ago, jtallen83 said:


Actually there was an arrogant prick that got banned here who used that name. He lives in the Vegas area. Likes to brag on a lightweight build that he rehashes as a new build every time he can find a part that cuts a gram.


55 minutes ago, washguy said:

you mean Dikstroker?  :laffs:  Wash

That sums him up nicely, gentlemen.  :hail::thumbup:

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Thank you hotrod308,I'll check it out, I got a tracking number from UPS and they say delivery on Monday the 24 for the upper I think delivery requires a signiture,I'm hoping that the upper mates up to my lower tightly and after a good cleaning and lub I'll cycle a bunch of rounds for a week or so then I'll go out to the range. I bought a front tripod for it and will mount my scope that I had on my 223 ,weapon will be used for target practice and hunting pigs, I read somewhere that a 223/556 was too small for pigs,so decided to get a 308. I'll take pic and post, BTW really appreciate the help and information on this forum 





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33 minutes ago, dcmacharlie said:

 I read somewhere that a 223/556 was too small for pigs,

Don't believe everything you read, if that's the case.

Ammo selection is everything.  Barnes 70gr TSX projectiles are devastating on pigs.

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98Z5V I was going to use my 223 for hunting hogs but most hunting establish clubs required that the weapon used on there property be bigger than 223/556 ,less wounded pigs and something about there having hard boney heads, thanks for the information I'll check out  Barnes TSX projectiles 

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Be cautious if you handload these projectiles.  A 70gr TSX is longer than a 77gr Sierra Match King, so you need to pay attention to seating depths and powder charge (case capacity).  I only load them in LC NATO cases, with CCI 400 primers.

I load ALL my 70TSX loads to the 75/77gr load references (with tweaks), and they're a little hot. They're moving at 2750 fps, and that is the goal.



70TSX vs 77SMK.jpg

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