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Whichgas block?

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I have an oracle 308 with carbine length gas system and a 16" heavy barrel.  I really want to get the apex systems 9" mid length handguard. I am looking for a low profile gas block that I can put on myself( easy as possible) and will allow the apex forearm to clear it. There are quite a few out there and I hope some of you might be able to help me narrow down my options. I think the apex has an offset mount and I'm not sure if that will affect my choice

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I have the Apex FF tube on my 300 (AR 15 platform) and used the PRI low pro adjustable. The Vltor low pro would also clear, I believe that PRI has that type of  GB to fit most any GB pad OD. I'm not familiar with the set up of your gun, but standard rule of thumb is that if your going to cover the GB with the FF tube, you'll need to use something like the ones I've mentioned. If, on the other hand, your gas block will be in front of the handguard, you should be able to use whatever one you like as long as it has the right bore ID to match your barrel OD and there are no clearance issues with the gas tube and the barrel OD behind the gas block.

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I like the vltor and pri but I'm having trouble finding the od of my barrel. Anyone know the od of a 16" 308 heavy barrel? It says heavy instead of bull which confuses me

Also would I have to take off my entire barrel to put the gb on? I have a permanent flash hider

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As I stated in my last post, I'm not familiar with your specific setup, but I'm thinking that your permanently fixed flash hider is going to be a problem. The 3 most common od's for the GB mounting area of the AR barrels is .750", .875", and .936" unless yours is .936" (doubtfull) and your FH is smaller than that, it would have to be removed to change the GB. You should take a look at the GB's of Bob at Firebird Precision. If memory serves me correctly, I think he may have a two piece GB, but I have no idea whether it will fit under the Apex FFtube or not.

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I made a mistake before when I reccommended the Firebird GB, describing it as two piece. The one I was thinking of was the JP Rifles, JPGS8 two piece GB, but I see that one has a .936 bore so is unlikely to fit. Sorry for the bad lead.

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There's only one 2-piece out there that's a lo-pro gas block - that I know of...

Yankee Hill Machine, their Specter gas block.  It only comes in a 0.625 and a .750 flavor. Minimum inner diameter of the rail must be 1 5/8" to clear the Specter .750 gas block.

Cw434, the gas block dimensions (or barrel size at the gas block mount) for the Oracle .308 should be listed on the DPMS website.

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