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handguard questions


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Hey guys. Newbie here. Been hunting and shooting for 45 years but I'm NOT an AR guru and have some questions.

I just bought a DPMS Oracle LR308. Haven't received it yet, but I'm already ordering parts to set it up. This rifle is a budget build that I'll carry on my quad to hunt hogs, so I'm NOT gonna dump a bunch of money into it.

I'm wanting a full length quad rail or key mod FF guard. Problem is, I'm not sure what will and will not work. I've seen a BUNCHA of cheap stuff on eBay for anywhere from $30 to $80 or so. Yes, I know you get what you pay for, but as I mentioned, this is gonna be a cheap gun that will get beat on and occasionally muddy. As nice as it would be, I'm not gonna buy a $300 MI guard for this weapon. So here come the questions.

What do I need to look for as far as fitment goes? What length will go as far out the 16" barrel as possible without interfering with the flash hide and/or probably a suppressor (is 15" too long)? Will I need a low profile gas block? How can I know if the rail is co-witnessed if the seller doesn't list that info? Anything I should look for or stay away from?

Sorry for all of the newbie questions, and thanks in advance for your help and advice.

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1 minute ago, commanderjjones said:

I'm pretty happy with it, and it shoots great. Not bad for less than $1000. It'll be even better after I get the LaRue trigger in it next week.

Have you already gotten a shipping notification from LaRue?

The last MBT I ordered didn't ship for 2-3 weeks.

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14 hours ago, COBrien said:

Have you already gotten a shipping notification from LaRue?

The last MBT I ordered didn't ship for 2-3 weeks.


No, I haven't received a notification. Just made an obviously incorrect assumption. I guess that's why in the shipping options it said, "I'm not in any hurry to receive this".......or you could pay an extra $75 (almost double the price) to get it expedited.

I guess business must be booming. Good for them.

Oh well, I guess I'll see how it works in a few weeks.

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With the exception of the trigger, sling, and extended charging handle (which are all on order) I think I'm finally done with this one. I appreciate the help and feedback that I've received from you guys. Although I'm still learning, now that I've gotten most of the newbie questions out of the way, the next one will be a lot easier.

AR10 1.jpg


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Thanks guys!

I plan to bake it this evening and hopefully the rest of my parts will get here in the next couple of days so I can shoot it this weekend. I really wanna re-zero my scope after having it off during the painting process. Even though it "should" be really close, I don't like stepping in the woods without being certain. A head shot is the way to go on big hogs.:cool:

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