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Enidine Buffer and Tubbs Flat Spring Combo


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I just installed the above combo in a BM ORC 308, rifle length buffer, spring, and extension. The spring with buffer attached would not go in past the detent. It fits in the extension just fine, but as it gets to the point where the spring is connected to the buffer, there is very little wiggle room. hard to manuever it over the hammer and detent. That combined with the flat edges of the Tubbs spring it just didnt want to cooperate. I had to remove the stock and extension. Put the buffer and spring in, screw it into the receiver, then put the detent in and reassemble the rest to get it in there. Curious if anyone else has run into any of this, or is it just me. Spent 23 years in the Army with M16's and M4's, and never had any problem getting the buffer and spring in over the hammer and detent.  Just a little wiggling to get it both in and out.

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BM originally came with the collapsable stock. Changed it out for the MAGPUL PRS and changed to full length rifle extension at that time. Its more of an issue that the buffer and spring need to be lined up exactly with the extension when they slide in, and trying to get them lined up while going over the hammer was difficult. Enough to have to take it apart to get it together. The extension is full length, the PRS fit snuggly onto the extension, buffer and spring go in, but I shouldnt have to disassemble to get them in.  Guess I better dig into it a little deeper tomorrow. Plan on having it at the range Friday.

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I have the same spring in my Carbine receiver extention .

I had to lower the pistol grip to get the buffer retainer pin ,out of the way to install the Tubbs spring .

Use something flat to push down on the retaining pin to keep it out of the way.

I just found it easier to drop the grip to get it in .

Same spring for both rifle & carbine ( collapsible )

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Thanks for the info. I talked to a couple of AR builders today. They both said they have seen different shape detents. Some more rounded the block shaped. I think mine is more block shaped and may be contributing to the spring hanging up. I think I will see if I can fabricate a flat tool I can keep in the range bag. Thanks again for the info.

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I purchased another detent pin today, and will try buff and round off the sharp edge of the detent pin. I believe that edge is causing the issue with the sharp edges of the Tubbs flat spring. I'll see if rounding them of just a tad smoothes that process out any. And if not, I'll have a new one on standby. Will post the results when done.

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