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3rd 308 build done w/pics


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Finished it awhile ago, but thought I'd share. 


Did my first a few years back, 20" blackhole weaponry bull barrel build on Matrix receiver set. Accurate as snot, but heavy as poop. Sold it and moved on and learned a thing or two in the process...

22377193997_84761fd1d6_b.jpg20150830_120535 by hoevito, on Flickr



2nd build used an Aero M5 match set and 16" Faxon taper profile barrel. Build was relatively lightweight, accurate, and fun to shoot...but was just missing "something". 


22377213408_e15a891fa2_b.jpg20151004_151417 by hoevito, on Flickr


3rd build, went with the Aero M5E1 set this time, used a Faxon match 5R fluted 18" heavy barrel, SRS recoil system, and this build is pretty much perfect. Amazingly light recoil for a 308, very accurate, and comes in at only 8lbs8oz without a mag (but with sights and handguard rail panels ?


41085171305_0d197750dd_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr




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10 minutes ago, shepp said:

Looks good!! 


Been doing some covert lurking ? been 4 years but I’ll welcome you on your first post feel free to tell us about yourself in the intro section!!

Yeah, pretty much lol. 


26 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

Nice looking build :thumbup: What's next?:hornet:

You don't say ?


40609790150_02d100105a_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr



I'm thinking 16" Criterion/rifle gas variant this time around. 

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9 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

Damn good work, on all of them.  Fantastic.  :thumbup:


Far as the FDE build, it was built with the following:

Aero Precision M5E1 enhanced upper 
12" keymod handguard
SLR clamp on adjustable gas block
Faxon Match series 18" heavy fluted 5R barrel w/ rifle gas
Aero m5 LPK
Faxon 308 BCG
ACS-L Stock
Vortex OPMOD Strike Eagle 1-6x
Armaspec SRS recoil system
Radian Raptor LT charging handle
Diamondhead Nightbrite flip up sights
Vortex 2" offset mount
LaRue MBT trigger
Noveske Ambi 60 deg safety
Ambi mag release
VG6 762 muzzle brake
Magpul MIAD grip


39415965324_86a1a27273_b.jpg2018-02-06_10-24-13 by hoevito, on Flickr


With the adjustable gas and SRS recoil assembly, the rifle shoots extremely smooth as you can see. Very little recoil for a 308. 

This was me breaking it in at the range. Cycled cheap Tula steel and everything else without issue, including 7.62x51 Malaysian surplus and 168gr FGMM.





Didn't do any real formal accuracy testing, but I did manage to surprise myself a bit, produced the below 5 and 3 shot groups at 100 using 168gr FGMM 


39446381554_716c1401d9_b.jpg20180208_141954 by hoevito, on Flickr


40157693131_8914724873_b.jpg20180208_141958 by hoevito, on Flickr

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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally! All done with my 4th...

Built with:

Faxon 16" mid length big gunner barrel
Faxon 308 BCG
POF Dictator adjustable gas block/straight gas tube
Aero Precision M5E1 Enhanced upper and handguard
M5E1 lower
Aero M5 LPK
V7 S7 bolt catch 
Diamondhead Nightbrite backup sights
Armaspec SRS recoil system
BCM Gunfighter Sopmod stock
VG6 Epsilon 762 muzzle device
LaRue Apeg grip
DSG Arms 2 stage nickel boron trigger
Anti Rotation trigger/hammer pins
PWS ratchet lock castle nut/end plate
Mil spec buffer tube
Seekins Ambi 60deg safety
Radian Raptor CH
Sig Sauer Ambi bolt release

42677973041_19c0297878_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr

40869468250_39ee4a1893_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr

40869466150_5ff81632ef_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr

28805149708_f2e3c0b2c2_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr

Rifle weighs 8 lbs 1.5 oz unloaded with sights and rail grip panels installed. Not too shabby!

41961195654_27d48b33ab_b.jpgUntitled by hoevito, on Flickr

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