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my DPMS lr 308 classic...

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Sounds fun.. ill have to try it out. I have one question... u see on mine how I have risers and then scope rings.? What type of mounts are there to eliminate the use of risers. I've seen all these other 308 ars with just ring mounts... what is it they use??

Probably the least expensive, quality way to do it would be with one of these:


For what you're getting, and especially for that price, that's one kickass, quality scope mount.  <thumbsup>

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This is the kind of grouping I'm dealing with at the moment...its not set in stone...but i still need to make it wayy better... I am using 7.62x51nato German surplus ammo....I'm not sure what to do guys. Help? everything on the gun is very tight and in order..and a little bit of shooter error could be the cause, because my friend hit the orange the most of the time. my shots were mainly up and to the right

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For a true test of the accuracy of the weapon, you'll need to put some quality match ammunition through it.  Surplus 7.62 mil ammo, from any country, isn't going to give you a good assessment of what the weapon can really do.  It's a given that you have to do your job as a shooter, to get good results - I have days when I'm just on fire, and other days when I shoot a few bench groups and just pack up/go home.  If you're shooting the match ammo, and things just aren't working out, then stop and have at it another day - results might be radically different.

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So using the hood of your friends car, you're probably standing and bent over and leaning into the car for your shots... Not the most stable of positions. Plus the weapon is probably canted.

Go prone my friend, or use a good solid shooting bench.

That should make a huge difference and try some good ol american made match ammo.

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My DPMS LR308 likes heavier bullets.  Mostly it gets 168 - 175 grain or something close,  soft or hollow point,  bases mostly boat tail but some square base.  Factory or my handloads do about the same except factory prints an inch or inch & a half higher at 100 yards.  I bought some Russian soft point (the range forbids FMJ) 140 grain in steel cases that spatters a four inch circle,  high and to the left.  (Interestingly,  to me at least,  the Russian 140 gr SP ammo does reasonably well in my bolt guns.)

My DPMS is a 24-inch stainless fluted barrel factory issue rifle,  except:  CA grip (Brownell's),  modified Limbsaver butt pad (bought at Academy,  I did my own fitting and mods),  RRA trigger (see other post under 'Triggers'),  Nikon 6-18 x 40MM scope (MidwayUSA) on tip-off ring mounts that give about an eighth inch clearance at the rail above the charging handle.

I have taken flak about the low scope mount on an AR style rifle.  It works fine for me.

On a good day the holes in the target will all be at least inside a two-inch disk using a sandbag rest on the bench for the rifle forearm tube or sometimes with my arm on the sandbags and the rifle supported on my hands.  I always shoot with the rifle butt against my shoulder,  try to keep the rifle aligned vertically,  try to breathe properly,  try to use good trigger finger discipline.

Be aware that 308 Winchester is dimensionally different from 7.62x51 NATO.  There are many articles on the Internet and discussion within this forum.  For precision shooting the ammunition should match the chamber.  I think that my DPMS does not like the 140 grain ammo described above because the bullet/cartridge OAL is short and the bullet jump causes problems with the bullet alignment in the bore and related bullet rotation in external ballistics.  Use of standard NATO cartridges in a 308 Win chamber,  or the reverse,  will have other characteristic problems which can be researched in reloading forums and articles.  These problems relate to almost all calibers and cartridges in terms of case shapes and variations caused by shooting or differences in manufacturing tolerances,  etc.

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