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Because I can’t own my own...

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When Remington and Mossberg came out with their 14” firearms I went nuts. Personally, I am a big fan of the 12 gauge as a defensive round. Those that know me here, know how much fun I have playing with the Mossberg Shockwave when I go to AZ. I hoodwinked @98Z5V into getting one and it’s slowly getting converted into insanity.... I have plans for that one  

That being said, I still don’t own my own, and as long as I’m in the PRC I won’t get to own one. 

Recently an old friend came to me and asked if I still had some old airsoft guns. He wanted to buy them from me. Better yet, he offered his unfired 870 in trade... done!!

i took home my new shotgun and immediately got to work with a bunch of parts I had laying around. I stripped my “Trench gun” apart and reverted it back to original parts. I put in an order for some extra parts I had been delaying on. Then I got to assembly on my new house gun...

this is my new Gladiator 870



7 rounds of low recoil 000 buckshot in the tube. 4 more in the side saddle, plus two magnum slugs... for whatever.

i forgot I had that Pachmayr Vindicator grip in my gear. My original plan was a Magpul SGA, but this might live here for a while.

Added a Surefire and a Crimson Trace Laser to the Magpul Forend. I’m REALLY liking this setup. 

I already have a Beachin Sling for it. I just need a few more QD rings. 

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1 hour ago, 98Z5V said:

NICE,  BROTHER!!!   :hail:

Get ready brother... I got some special shit in store for you. I ran out of $$, so some of the items had to wait till I was clear again.

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I can fix some of that.  Brace yourself.  Fuk that, I better brace MYSELF!...   :laffs:

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43 minutes ago, shepp said:

My wrist hurts looking at it not because of fap fap either

My eyes hurt from looking at it....

I've never touched a drop in my life and I still feel like I've just awakened from a drunken stupor to discover that I bedded the Lock Ness monster's ugly cousin.

That beast is UGLY!

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