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Caliber:  7.62 NATO

Barrel Length:  12 & 16" (Med-Light),



Barrel Construction: Cold Rotary Hammer Forged

Weight (unloaded): 16" barrel: 9.5 lbs;

18" barrel: 10.5 lbs;

20" barrel: 11.25 lbs

Length (overall length):  37.5-40.8" (16" barrel)

40.5-41.5" (20" barrel)

Rate of Fire:55 RPM (Sustained Rate of Fire)

Rifling:  1/10" RH

1/11.25" RH (Optional)

Stock:12" & 16": 6 Position Collapsible VLTOR EMod

18": MagPul UBR

20": MagPul PRS

Pistol Grip:  MagPul MIAD

Sights:  Folding BUIS

Magazine:  5, 10, 20 Round Mags Available

- One 20 round mag shipped

with each gun where allowed by law

Trigger:  12" & 16" Enhanced Mil-Spec;

18" Non-adjustable Geissele;

20" Adjustable Geissele

Muzzle Device:  A2 Flash Hider:

A2 Flash Hider: 7.62 NATO

5/8 X 24 TPI

Introducing the ultimate reaper.

The unique LWRCI


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I have a 5.56 upper from LWRC I bought back in mid '06 that I then pinned onto a Mega Machine lower I built up myself. It has been an exceedingly reliable and 1-1.5 moa gun with a mid weight 16" Lothar Walther chromed barrel.... (used LW's back then). I totally agree that their REPER is an awe inspiring setup, (it had better be at $3500) but beyond my pay grade.

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I have a friend that owns one of these and I've had the pleasure of shooting it. My impression is that it's a beautiful, well made gun, excellent fit and finish. I really like the side charging handle that doesn't cycle with the bolt, and the rail is very nice. The gun shoots better than I can, the only complaint I might have (aside from the price) is that it seems very heavy, even for a .308. It feels more like a bench gun than a field gun. I know I wouldn't want to have to carry it, along with ammo, for any distance in rough terrain. By the way, I believe you can get them for much less than the MSR price. I know my friend got his for under 3K.

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Just got a LWRC REPR .308 (18 inch barrel).  My son shot these 3-shot 100 yard groups our first time out with the rifle (168 gr SMK Federal ammo).  3/4 inch groups were the norm, with many under and around 1/2 inch. 


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It is a fantastic rifle. With the 20" barrel, it seems more accurate than many bolt action rifles. Next time I go shooting, I'll have to range some of my targets and take pics of the groups.

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A few months ago I set out on the persuit of the perfect factory built 308AR, after many,many hours of research I could only narrow it down to 3.(I'm not counting the Knight,I beleive it to be overpriced) The price,precision,fit/finish & reliability from what I could tell were all equal so for me it boiled down to customer service, for me customer service includes being able to provide the customer with the product in a reasonable amount of time.(I don't consider 4 months a reasonable amount of time)

Of the three rifle manufacturers on my list the only one that could was LWRCI, I purchased the 20" REPR and expect to receive it in weeks,not months. <thumbsup>

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Basically what i'm saying is that the larue,lmt,pof,gap,jp,noveske,les baer,etc... aren't as high on the shelf! <munch>

J/K guys <lmao> trying to see if anyone ever looks here :tweed:

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